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I can’t get enough out of the scandal

I also can’t sleep, but I can read. And I found this one piece (by Sally Quinn) on the Spitzer case I can’t help but to comment on :

For the past few days since the Spitzer scandal broke, all anyone has been talking about is why? Why would a guy with a fabulous education, brilliant career, powerful position, beautiful and brainy wife and a lovely family, risk losing everything for a couple of evenings with a hooker.

I’m asking why, too. Why would a beautiful and brainy wife with three wonderful children allow herself to be put in this hideous situation for even 49 seconds — the time it took to apologize. Much less do it all over again two days later when her husband resigned as New York’s governor.

I know why he did what he did. Because he could. Arrogance and power are a lethal combination, and men who combine both often begin to believe in their own invincibility.

The more baffling question to me is why she did it. All I could think of, watching Silda Spitzer’s defeated expression, was of Taliban women covered from head to toe in burqa, standing a few paces behind their men, appendages to their all powerful husbands. Or Indian women committing sati, throwing themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre.

American women are so quick to criticize the religious tradition of others, where women take a subservient position – but are we so different? That’s not what the Spitzer scandal suggests.

One can only assume that the women who do this are just as enamored of the power and the position as their men. Of course their power is derivative, which makes it all the more difficult to lose. (It was reported that Silda Spitzer did not want her husband to resign.) Would Hillary Clinton have run for the Senate or even President had she not stood by her man after the Monica Lewinsky episode and insisted he not resign? We’ll never know.

I think that’s quitelikely true,but I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t think it all comes down to that general immorality of women(aided by their irrationality) in the end. A woman who basically marries the biggest bully around, as Mr. Spitzer could probably be justly described based on his actions during his public life, can’t be a particularlygood and moralperson.Henceit’shardlyanywonderthat thetypeofawomanwhomarries hypocriticalpoliticianswhoabusetheirpowers will not show much moral backbone in these situations and is also often abused in her private life. It may or may not be good for themselves in a package deal as they get money and some power after all, but surely their actions aren’t good for humanity as a whole.

For a consequentialist moralist, striving to be moral involves hard thinking about the consequences of your actions, and as women generally have only mediocre intellects, they can’t be very moral. And the less they think, the less moral they remain (and more they go after wealthy and powerful politicians and rich athletes instead of good guys like me… the evil of this is just unthinkable!).

Thefactthatmoralityrequiresintelligence, is one of the main reasons why some smart people, like many transhumanists, think that intelligence enhancement is one of the most important priorities for humanity. Though of course it isn’t enough in itself as intelligence can be used also for evil which seems to be preferred by politicians who manage to gain public support in modern democracies.

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Scandalous political irrationality?

Of course there’s nothing more delicious than a sex scandal such as this Eliot Spitzer case. Yes, Spitzer appears to be just as hypocritical as politicians usually are. Still, I fail to see how cheating your wife with a hooker is a better reason to force someone out of the office than all those things most politicians do basically on a daily basis often in broad daylight like allowing the EU to stay wide open for fraud for years and years after the flaws in the system have become obvious. I know full well that nothing would keep me away from high-class hookers if I had way too much money like Spitzer does. And there should be little wrong with that (though of course saints would use their extra money for possibly more beneficial purposes). If Spitzer’s wife didn’t approve (it’s possible she was aware of it and did for all I know) that’s of course bit bad but not necessarily a good reason to condemn the money-man. Women are after all quite irrational in general and a thinking man is generally better of thinking for himself rather than doing what women would think is good and moral. I have read many high IQ men prefer hookers for the simple reason they have a hard time relating to women on an intellectual level since they are after all generally lot less thoughtful than themselves. Thus for a smart man, it’s often preferable to pay for whores than to waste time courting women on women’s own (basically pretty stupid) terms. The reality is after all that there are fewer smart women than there are smart men and thus a substantial portion of the smart men can’t possibly find themselves women they can relate to on an intellectual level.

I might add that I think that the scandal would be really spicy only if Spitzer, who is a jew, would be found to have frequented those infamous sex slave dens that jews supposedly run (about which David Duke has written about). Though of course Jewmedia would never allow something like that to be publicized.
Anyway, I have read lots of stuff that indicates that Spitzer might well have deserved to be pushed aside for a multitude of other reasons than this scandal. Thus the powers-that-be probably used this scandal only as an excuse to do what they should have done for other reasons (at least if they have any rational sense of what’s really good and bad).

Update: Johny Kramer has written some decent speculation on the real reasons that lead the establishment to go after Spitzer at this time.

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A recreational interlude

Un-fucking-forgivable, but I have just spent few days playing The Witcher (which tells a story of a professional monster hunter… btw. when I see a monster in the game I think of it as a leftist in disguise just to make myself really want to slice it up real good with my sword!). Even worse, when my mind has desired for even more eye candy than computer graphic artists have managed to create, I have let my eyes feast on the video streams of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. The human condition being what it is, there is something to be said about seeing a cavalcade of young models gracing the catwalk in high heels and lingerie. Not to mention seeing them swinging their hips from side to side as they walk like they would have worked hours and hours perfecting their style. That’s the kind of a job those women have evolved to excel at — that should be obvious for anyone who sees the shows.

Anyway, to add some social commentary to this post, I have to admit I have never bought the bullshit that tall and slender model girls aren’t about the most beautiful things on this planet. Karolina Kurkova especially makes me proud of the great white race (she definitely looks better as a grown up woman than as a teenager she was some years ago when she started modeling). Not so much that Heidi ‘the race traitor’ Klum who married one infamous black singer (if she smartens up and dumps him I’m available though). Being a non-privileged male who spends way too much time in front of a computer screen has its costs, the major one obviously being that I don’t hang out with girls like Karolina. Still, that makes the man’s eternal struggle for eventually scoring with a worthy woman like Karolina so intellectually challenging as I can’t take any easy paths to success. And as a white man, I have that famous Western exceptionalism on my side. Thinking can make it happen. Thinking creatively outside the box can make it happen. And as a futurist-at-heart I think thinking can make it happen like never before (the world hasn’t seen real debauchery yet! do you hear me Ka-ro-li-na?!). Yes, I have a plan which I’m executing. Slowly but surely. Still, I’d better try to avoid wasting too much time playing with my computer instead of trying to get it to do some serious work for me.

And when I score with Karolina I’ll put the resulting children to some rational educational facility like the Sudbury Valley School instead of one of those horrible indoctrination camps that public schools are. Yeah, I have it all figured out.

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Assigning some blame for twisted perceptions that lead to abuse

Reading stories like this one, ‘Goa chief rounds on naive female tourists in wake of deaths’, makes me wonder why there is not at least as much feminist (or other) outrage over how for example American TV shows give a false picture of non-white races, as there is outrage over their violent content (or sexual themes etc.), since it seems naive women end up seriously abused and dead in countless tourist destinations because they don’t instinctively understand that the vanilla views of races shown on TV aren’t quite accurate and they thus aren’t prepared for the eventual reality check:

They said locals working in the bars and cafes along Anjuna beach had been supplying young foreign women with cocaine and MDMA and then trying to have sex with them – often by force.

“The girls never report it because if they’re wasted, no one’s going to believe them,” said one long-term British resident. “These guys shouldn’t get away with it, even if that girl had taken lots of drugs.

I know, everyone should know that TV shows and movies made in Hollywood etc, aren’t particularly realistic, and that since many of those Hollywood liberals take social engineering seriously as well as avoid being politically incorrect, non-whites are portrayed in a much more positive light than would be warranted based on reality, but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case as the human mind is susceptible to that kind of manipulation especially on the emotional level if not so much on the higher cognitive level. I too remember how long it took me to start understanding just how twisted my perceptions were after watching other races portrayed only on TV as a child and not seeing how wicked they often are in the real world.

In any case, one would hope women will start smartening up and avoiding from now on drinking themselves to the state where they are easy prey for those devious non-white abusers. Though I’m not really holding my breath, knowing their IQ score distribution, while waiting that to happen.

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Womenfolk explained

Women, those thick-headed creatures of mediocre intelligence, need to be put back to their proper place if the Western world is to advance. This one site makes the case quite frighteningly but also entertainingly. Highly recommended stuff.

Update: I might mention I have two more or less rarely mentioned hypotheses for explaining why women initiate more divorces. The first is that since the woman tends to be the least intelligent member of the marriage she is basically worse at predicting before marriage whether she will enjoy a marriage with a particular person or not. The second, the more common explanation is that some women go into marriage just for a nice divorce settlement: those women really are the parasites the men begin to hate. I might also mention that I find the current situation so unbearable because women get way more money out of divorces than they tend to deserve and that this is seriously bad because again the women tend to be less intelligent and thus waste their unearned wealth. This leads to significantly suboptimal allocation of scarce resources in the Western world and contributes to the current decline of the West relative to developing countries which tend to have women in more proper places. In any case, it seems women will eventually be put back to their place either because the Western societies smarten up or the developing countries and their societal orders become dominant.

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Hoppe on why democracy is bad

As I’ve already written a little about few dedicated anti-establishment thinkers I’d better note that I think Hans Hoppe is one of the best of them at least among the ones I’m aware of. I’d say Hoppe has one of the most ruthless intellects ever. He doesn’t mince his words. He doesn’t give mercy to leftist stupidity. He just straightforwardly explains how very illogical or closed-minded leftists are when they don’t consider the full consequences of their policies. He is almost the ultimate rational political thinker.

And importantly, he is a well known critic of democracy (and the author of the book Democracy: the God that failed) as he has made several quite original observations that contradict the orthodoxy of prevailing political thought in the Western world that praises democracy. One of these is that competition in the production of ‘bads’ is the one of the most wicked things ever because as economists have noted competition of providers/producers/etc is in general the most efficient way to find good (or in some cases truly bad) solutions to complex problems in a market environment. Hoppe notes this applies to the competition of how to most efficiently rig the democratic political system to exploit those who do not belong to the most influential voting blocks. Thus democracy basically leads to ever worsening political situation for those who are not influential (e.g. the small minority of high IQ producers who make the most progress in the world). Thus the mess the Western world is now in; it is very close to collapsing because of proliferating parasites. Hoppe also argues that for example the often mocked Monarchism might in fact be a better system than democracy in the long run.

I largely agree with what I’ve read but I guess I might note that not quite always. As a vegan, who is against the exploitation of animals I seem to remember that Hoppe has written how he thinks animal right advocates are loonies. Surprisingly, in that case I didn’t find his argumentation particularly convincing. In fact, it just might be that Hoppe has a lesion in his brain in the particular area that he uses for his animal rights thinking (that might explain his apparent irrationality on one peculiar topic). As a casual student of neuropsychology I know that’s definitely a possibility and as an older person he is definitely more likely to have lesions than me for example at the wrong place. If I have time and energy I might someday try to elaborate on the topic though probably not in the near future as I have other more pressing priorities. And Peter Singer among others have made the case pretty convincingly for anyone who cares to base his morality on rationality instead of traditional ‘truths’ about morality.

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