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Keeping your priorities sane

When I was studying pattern recognition, one of the first things I learned was this thing called Principal Components Analysis, which is often used to extract the most relevant features for the task ahead. I mention it as an example of giving higher priorities to those features that tend to matter more. Which should be considered a very basic thing for rational behavior. You pay attention to relevant things and do things that produce the most good and often ignore things that aren’t worth paying attention to.

This brings me to considering the actions of a certain state prosecutor in Finland whose actions cost Finnish taxpayers a lot in salaries just because he just couldn’t have a text critical of immigration (and multiculturalism), with some non-flattering word choices, being available on the internet. Just why is that worth wasting public money while it obviously doesn’t seem to be worth spending public money, according to bureaucrats and politicians at least, to keep the accounting of the EU (also the US) honest even though the ongoing frauds most likely cost countless millions (or billions) to the taxpayers? Um, it almost seems that the public sector workforces aren’t working for the public good — doing things that produce the most good (clean your own corrupted nest etc etc) while ignoring going after people who use some offensive language and cause little or no harm while doing that (or who actually are just trying to make other citizens understand what’s good for them and what definitely isn’t).

Of course this should be so very obvious, the politicians and those who work for the government are often not even trying to do what’s good (definitely not what would be best) for the society. They are just doing what tends to be good to their own interests (which may be very shady) while caring little for anything else. Often they should be just ignored. At other times they should be vehemently opposed. And constantly you should try to avoid being fooled by them into forgetting the things that really matter.

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Who benefits?

I can’t claim that I have anything close to what could honestly be called an inside view of what is happening in the US, but as I have written previously, based on what I have read, it seems the current bailouts that are happening in the US financial sector seem to be prime examples of state capitalism: privatizing the profits while socializing the costs (with the added twist that the profits seem to go for the Jews while the costs are mainly paid by white taxpayers).

Now, Randy has a nice report on his blog ‘EconomicRot’ about the apparently growing powers of the Federal Reserve that make it even more able to control the US economy (‘the Fed should broaden its oversight over the US economy’). He also notes that

(Federal Reserve’s controlling stock is owned by: Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris, Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy, Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers Bank of New York, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Chase Manhattan Bank of New York and Goldman Sachs Bank of New York)

Guess what that implies? Well, even though Randy himself does not dare to mention it, that implies the new über-masters of the US economy are mainly Jews. Big Surprise! And they are not following Ayn Rand’s path!

(Btw. I have realized that Chomsky may not have been that wrong when he claimed that Americans are about the most brainwashed people on Earth — they are pretty damn clueless which should be obvious from so many things like their religiosity and crazy consumerism — and as a smart Jew Chomsky knows probably even more than he has dared to make public. Not to mention things like that it seems that it has been the Jews who have been pushing overdone consumerism on the non-Jews.)

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Meanwhile, on the home front…

The establishment continues its war against those who dare to challenge it using reason as this report from Finland makes clear (the verdict is reported on this page). Mikko Ellila is ordered to pay a fine for publishing and defending his text ‘The Society Consists of People’ on the internet (formerly at thinkertothinker) and also to remove it from the internet.

Mikko Ellila on the left in this image during his trial:

Mikko Ellila during his trial

As there are only a little more than a thousand Jews in Finland it pays to note that the state prosecutor, Mika Illman, who works for the establishment, which basically denies reality and tries its best to criminalize fact-based criticism of multiculturalism, is apparently a Jew (update: or probably not a Jew after all.. if I get a confirmation I’ll let you know). Now that would be a surprise! It really seems to be that Hitler wasn’t totally wrong about the Jews (though I suspect he was wrong at publicly condemning all Jews since knowing how diverse even the Jewish race is there has to be more than a few good Jews although the majority of them may well support the Jewish supremacists who appear to be seriously evil… in any case I understand it must be hard to get the common people to make such distinctions which is why the populists tend to prevail in the public arena).

Already, a few critical thinkers in Finland have noted that if the establishment continues on this path to damnation there has to be blood on the streets sooner or later when the betrayers get what they deserve if the Finnish sheep population (who sadly tend to follow the authorities blindly) doesn’t wake up and start supporting people who actually would work for the society’s benefit. And of course, the same goes for pretty much all of Europe although maybe not for the Eastern parts.

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Mike Judge’s stupidly brilliant movie Idiocracy

Wow, I just saw Judge’s movie after finding it mentioned during my research and what can I say except that it’s easily the best movie I have seen for what seems like ages. Steve Sailer has reviewed it:

“Idiocracy” is an updating of C.M. Kornbluth’s famous 1951 science fiction story about dysgenic breeding, “The Marching Morons.” It opens with a yuppie husband and wife on the left half of the screen (IQs of 138 and 141, respectively) endlessly debating the perfect moment to conceive their one child: “We just can’t have a child in this market.” Meanwhile, on the right side, Clevon is impregnating every woman in the trailer park.

Unambitious Private Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson of “Old School”) is another of Judge’s average man heroes. Because he scored at the median of every bell curve from IQ to blood pressure, Bauers is drafted for a military “human hibernation” experiment, an idea presumably lifted from Robert Heinlein’s The Door into Summer, in which the Army keeps a few divisions on ice in case of war. Due to a scandal, the private is forgotten and awakes in 500 years. To his horror, he discovers that after 20 generations everyone is a Clevon, and he’s now the smartest man in America.

As he showed in Beavis & Butt-Head, Judge has a genius for stupidity. The visual details of a Washington D.C. populated solely by morons are memorable: a collapsing skyscraper is held together by wrapping it with oversized twine; the White House has broken cars up on blocks on the dying lawn and the “President of America” is a professional wrestler; and at “St. God’s Hospital” the illiterate admitting nurse is equipped with a fast food-style touch-screen menu with diagrams of ailments common in 2505 (such as a stick-figure man with a knife stuck in his head). All clothing is plastered with corporate logos and the Secretary of State is paid to insert the phrase “brought to you by Carl’s Jr.” into everything he says.

Yes, after seeing the movie I can wholeheartedly agree that Mr. Judge’s movie is just stupidly brilliant; Judge must be a genius in his own way. It surely makes one think about the likely consequences of welfare mentality and mediocratic popular culture. Still, although based on current events I fully expect some serious dysgenics happening, to me it is quite obvious that the movie portrays a very vanilla version of the future as in it people are just total morons. As I have written in my previous posts, I expect that in the real future (or actually one more than little likely possible future) there will plenty of morons, just like in the movie, but I think it’s likely they will be ruled by a small highly intelligent but basically psychopathic minority who keep the morons as disposable puppets to be used to satisfy their control-freak natures and to provide other ‘entertainment’ (and yes, I’d rather have the world avoiding that kind of a future if I can help it but currently it doesn’t seem easy since much of the population is already totally moronic as these comments about the movie on one internet forum exemplify quite finely).

Anyway, I’d say the movie is definitely worth seeing and very refreshing after seeing some more popular and highly praised movies which are basically devoid of any particularly meaningful content unlike Idiocracy.

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My awakening

Yes, this is my, not David Duke’s awakening, and it’s progressing just fine thank you. Especially now that I found even more evidence that I am on to something big to fuel my intellectual fire; also my growing outrage. As a thinking man, I have always been interested in long-term planning and thinking about the big things like the future of humanity which differentiates me from the common man who mostly worries about short-term gratification and is like a sheep who is being lead to the slaughter by the powers-that-be when it benefits them. Yes, it takes a lot of foolishness to be a sheep and then spend a substantial part of your life building a slaughterhouse where your masters can butcher you for their own gratification but sadly that’s pretty much the part most people seem to play if I’m correct (sheep help building the slaughterhouse by paying taxes which the establishment uses to fund mass immigration of third worlders to the Western world). I myself think it’s better to try my best to avoid that faith.

Anyway, the new evidence (to me) I refer to is this review of Alon Ziv’s book (‘Breeding between the lines’) by J Richards down at the site Majority Rights. Ziv does his best to argue that race mixing can be good for populations. However, as Richards quite decently argues when he gets to analyzing the book’s main thesis, Ziv does that with some shady seeming tactics which involve ignoring plenty of research and data that indicates otherwise. I understand the argument which I have read that in certain (theoretically possible) cases mixing leads to more heterozygosity which can be beneficial for the second generation. Ziv just apparently fails to mention this basically won’t be good after that second generation. Hence the easily observable result that in practice mixed populations (in Latin America and elsewhere) are not particularly known for their intellectual achievements to name just one example.

As Richards notes in his final comments, after his quite erudite critique, it makes sense to ask why Ziv, who should know better, has published such a book intended for mass audience that may well fool many whites into thinking that race mixing can be more beneficial than more careful analysis suggests. I of course have already offered one possible explanation (with some further thoughts in this post) for his real motivations.

Similar analysis can also be used to question why another Jew, Jared Diamond, wrote a popular book ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ (which I read some years ago) and in which he tries to argue that the fact that the industrial revolution happened in Europe and that Europeans conquered much of the world does not mean that Europeans (at least necessarily if I remember correctly) possess any innate differences like certain superior mental characteristics that would explain their success (rather European success is basically due to environmental factors). It surely takes some thought to see why Diamond’s thesis is probably wrong as he makes his case quite convincingly, but after that it also makes sense to ask why liberals (Jewish dominated media especially) were so keen to promote it as a ‘proof’ of that whites aren’t really inherently exceptional (and thus nothing is really lost if whites cease to exist because of race mixing).

What can I say, there seems to be more to the story than the liberal intellectuals (lead by Jews) would like you to think. Use your own brain when assessing what the media and the so called intellectuals are feeding you if you do not want to end up in the slaughterhouse yourself or seeing your children ending up there.

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The burden on individualists

As I was just banned from one email-list (exi-chat actually), because of my apparently too confrontational postings that questioned some commonly accepted ideas, after recently joining it (yes, I have a hard time holding back the insults when I’m around mere mortals. And yes, I suspect the Jews who are plentiful on that list played a part in banning me after one of them probably read my previous blog posts! They are sooo devious! Luckily I haven’t been banned from any of the voluntary eugenics oriented lists I’m on and there’s no shortage of other email lists and internet forums.), I can relate to this one blog post which laments the often irrational human psyche that derails discussions that could lead to actual progress of human thought by Anne C. One quote:

Why the urge to reduce someone’s argument to one-half of what is probably a false dichotomy? Is it really that difficult to read what people are actually writing, as opposed to scanning for “key words” and responding with the first knee-jerk arguments that come to mind?

I’ve noticed in particular that the people I personally tend to respect a lot, and whose writing seems much more nuanced than average on the subjects that desperately demand (but are all too frequently denied) nuanced treatment, often end up in exchanges wherein nobody is actually arguing with them but with a pretend version of them. A version that is, perhaps, easier and more convenient to argue with, but not real!

That’s definitely how it goes when you are trying to argue with most people about things that are outside their comfort zones (which of course vary with each person). Some reptilian mental-machinery kicks in and prevents them from comprehending what the other person is actually saying (though of course some people must be faking it in public discussions because they for some reason benefit from irrationality on the part of others). Still, it never fails to amaze me when I discover that some people who have been quite rational (more rational than me even) when discussing some socially acceptable things totally forget all logic and rationality as soon as the discussion turns to some things that are more or less taboo subjects.

I think this must be related to more or less innate individualist-collectivist tendencies of people; only hard-core individualists seem to be able to think for themselves while collectivist oriented people cave in before social pressure and either simply can’t think straight or won’t allow themselves to admit what they are thinking about outside the comfort zones. Collectivists basically seem to have some trigger neurons that go off as soon as they detect that
the discussion could cause major group-disharmony and prevent them from applying their ordinary thinking mechanisms in those cases. Hence, little wonder that their apparent irrationality always seem to lead to conclusions that are societally more acceptable (although often quite crazy!) rather than to random conclusions.

Anyway, it can be tough to be an individualist oriented person like me in mostly collectivist oriented society, but without people like me humankind might well have never progressed past stone age (remember Western exceptionalism). Knowing this, I bear my responsibility for humanity’s future and think for myself even when most others won’t.

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Clarifying my thinking and priorities

I’m tempted to write much more about Jews after reading things like this Wolzek’s Terror Timeline: History of the Jewish assault on the world, but I’ll be short today at least. To make it clear, yes, I think Jewish supremacists are a reality. They are after all the most natural supremacists in the world knowing that Jews have the highest average IQ of all races. And when I think about it, Jews may well have more cognitive advantage over others than even their quite noteworthy IQ scores would indicate. They have after all received hard science Nobel prizes in such numbers, that unless the Nobel committees have discriminated in their favor (which is a real possibility though), they must be even more superior in the sciences (and in the thinking department in general) than a naive observer would expect based on their IQ scores (note also that the usual tests tend to be unreliable at the extremes or so I’ve heard so that they may not give an accurate picture of who are the smartest people on the planet and the IQ tests of course don’t measure things like persistence while Jews may have such heritable advantages which are important for intellectual development).

And there’s no question many Jews harbor animosity against non-Jews, so it is not like they are not tempted to use their intellects in should-I-say-not-always-so-benign-ways to gain an edge over others. Thus it is highly unlikely that some Jews haven’t been conspiring against whites for example in the most subtle and devious ways imaginable. Thus what I’ve written in my two most recent posts just maybe should be taken very seriously.

Anyway, I’m not sure whether hostile Jews are a bigger threat to mankind’s future than much more numerous Muslims (and leftists etc.), who most definitely are a significant threat, but since the majority of Muslims are basically retarded, studying their stupidity lacks some charm (though of course they must have some serious masterminds too), while trying to figure out what the Jewish supremacists are trying to do (not to mention how to stop them) is, let’s just say intellectually more gratifying, and thus maybe my cup-of-tea as a hobby at least. Thus, you may expect me to write more about Jewish supremacists occasionally although I’m trying to avoid the topic for a while.

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On the goals and tactics of Jewish supremacists

Now that I’ve been thinking more about what I wrote in my previous post, I do think it’s reasonably likely that Jewish supremacists (disguised as liberals etc.) are indeed deliberately trying to degrade the non-Jewish gene pool using several tactics that they publicly proclaim are aimed for achieving other goals, in order to pave the way for the situation in which only Jews have a significant presence at the top of the cognitive elite who can then run the world as puppet-masters as the intelligence gap between the elite and the common folk could be then substantially bigger than it is now.

I don’t claim to have formed a totally coherent picture of the situation yet, but it definitely seems that many of the things that Jewish liberals support, supposedly in the name of creating more egalitarian societies, actually lead to other notable outcomes than equality which may well be the real reasons they support them. One tactic liberals seem to favor simply involves portraying non-whites such as blacks positively in popular culture which subtly improves their chances in the mixed-race mating market and the society in general; it pays to keep in mind how predominant Jews are in producing and funding much of what goes around in Hollywood (just to give one example.. remember Mel Gibson and his comments about Jews?) so they definitely are in the position to do that deliberately. Another is empowering non-whites through affirmative action which gives them unearned status and wealth and thus also improves their chances in the mating market while of course at the same time hurting whites (many a white girl goes crazy when they find blacks in supposedly respectable government jobs (etc) blacks obtained through affirmative action and foolishly think they are good marriage material too… no surprise mixed race children tend to follow). In addition, welfare payments benefit non-whites and less intelligent whites rather than intelligent and responsible whites so it is not surprising Jewish liberals are often for even more welfare even though they also have to pay a little for it themselves; same goes for progressive taxation which results in high IQ men especially having less children than would be the case with flat tax rates or no taxes which of course would be the ideal situation. The general principle seems to be that whatever results in fewer smart white children and more non-white or mixed-race children with lower IQs is to be supported by Jewish supremacists as long as it doesn’t hurt Jews more than is cost-effective. Jews may also try to empower themselves using the methods of state-capitalism which leads to privatizing the profits (overwhelmingly for the Jews) while socializing the costs (paid predominantly by white taxpayers); this seems to be the case in Jew dominated financial industry in the US right now to name one example.

Even on top of those things, liberal Jews have other notable weapons in their arsenal, such as their practice of obfuscating the discussion about racial differences which keeps a substantial portion of the whites unaware of the consequences of what is happening around them. In this mission Jews can use their often superior academic credentials rather than the quality of their arguments to overpower their intellectual opponents while also derailing the discussion with irrelevant details that wear down their opponents as actually they have little to gain from shedding more light to the discussion. This definitely is my observation.

Update: One additional thing that makes the situation worse for race realists, that may be worth mentioning, is that as the establishment is overwhelmingly against them, their opponents often get significant public funding while the race realists, who are often pushed out of the establishment (remember James Watson), get no money and on top of that have to pay taxes to support their opponents including Jewish supremacists in lofty academic positions. So it is not surprising the establishment thinkers can waste plenty of their work time derailing the discussion while the thoughtful race realists can not always afford answering their obfuscation attempts that too often fool the general public.

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Exposing the agenda (with some Jew baiting)

It’s of course flattering to have at least one occasional reader, but I was not particularly thrilled when it turned out he seemed to have a nasty gut reaction against my race realist agenda that acknowledges that most people on the planet Earth don’t have the genes that would allow them to be decent productive citizens of the Western world. Statistically speaking that’s to be expected in the current intellectual environment, although I’d rather think that anyone who is lucky and resourceful enough to find my blog would also quite likely be smart enough not to believe total bullshit. Anyway, at first I was especially surprised that what I first thought had to be a white man, would be against me promoting keeping those pretty but usually a bit dim-witted white females away from black males, but then it hit me: he had a surname that’s the third most common for Jews in the US.

After that, the pieces started falling together in my mind. Even if I hadn’t read David Duke’s masterpiece that is his book Jewish Supremacism (see also this post), I should know who are the most prominent promoters of race-mixing (when it comes to other races mixing — just not to mixing Jewish genes into them): liberal Jews for certain! A truly wonderful case of reality corresponding to what I’ve read, that is, it is to be expected that a liberal Jew will be having a strong gut reaction against keeping the white race pure. Yes, and I shouldn’t have to remind the reader that the recent Eliot Spitzer affair provides just another affirmation of the fact that liberal Jews like Mr. Spitzer are the masters of hypocrisy; it sure pays to follow what they are actually doing instead of believing what they are telling the non-Jews. You know, how many Jewish girls are making babies with blacks? Not many I think, but still for some strange reason, liberal Jews seem to want that white girls end up fucked by them and giving birth to half-black babies. Any chance they want this because currently whites (a small minority of them at least) are still able to compete against them in the intellectual realm while they probably wouldn’t be able to do that after just a little more race-mixing with other races that have lower IQs due to genetic factors? Then the Jews could truly rule supreme and presumably that’s why they are trying to publicly deny the genetic reality of many documented race differences now against overwhelming evidence. But I think that’s not going to happen as long as few people like me don’t swallow what they are preaching.

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And down they go…

For years I’ve been thinking that Europe is leading the way back to the Dark Ages, but yes, recent events and news have made me raise the probability in my head for the chance that the US may still manage to make it to the top in this race to the bottom. You name the reasons: the US dollar plummeting, the apparent recession, the STD ridden US teens (blacks and brain-washed white girls who are being fucked by them on top of the statistics I’m sure), only major idiots having the chance to become the president, the horrible immigration situation, the ever worsening dumbing down of the American public school student population, whites becoming ever smaller majority in most areas and the increasing debt problems. Basically, only technoscientific momentum keeps some progress alive while otherwise the US is a massive mess.

As a side note, I remember not believing the economist Lester Thurow few years ago when I saw him claiming that the economic fundamentals indicate the US dollar will be going down to some level like 1.5-1.7 bucks for one euro, but obviously he did have a better understanding of the situation than I (and he is definitely a funny speaker and interestingly he made me believe that China can’t possibly be growing as fast as they claim since supposedly more reliable energy production statistics indicate China could not possibly have enough energy to support as much growth that is claimed).

Recent events have also made me believe that there’s a significant chance (more than 1 out of 100 up to 35 at least) that the US will break down and divide into smaller states before the year 2028. Some parts of it may may then be able to prosper while others will go the way of Latin America or South Africa or Haiti depending on their demographics and so on.

Still, reading utterly ridiculous and often horrible stuff on a site like EUpolitics (by those abominable europhiles), I have hard time believing that Europe wouldn’t be tough competition against the US in this downhill race.

Anyway, I also can’t help but to point out this one piece which highlights the possible consequences of even just relatively minor miscegenation (100 facts and one lie about whites and blacks) for a certain possible reader:

FACT #54: Populated by White stock, the nation of Portugal rose in four centuries to be the wealthiest most powerful country in the world. A great commercial and maritime power, it had large colonies in Asia, Africa, and America. Its seamen were the first to explore western Africa and they brought back hundreds of Negro slaves. By 1550, at the height of Portugal’s power, one-tenth of its population were Blacks. Today, Portugal’s population is described as one of the most homogeneous in Europe, having slowly absorbed the Negro gene pool. As of l975 it had lost all of its outside territories. Its workers are the lowest paid in Europe and they have the highest rate of illiteracy and a high infant mortality rate. In terms of art, literature, music, science and philosophy the “new” Portugal has produced virtually nothing in 100 years and by most standards is the most backward nation in Europe. *Keep in mind that the Black population of the U.S. is approximately 13%.

I would hope reading stuff like that would open the eyes of some brain-washed people. Think about what’s going on in Europe and the US. Think about the consequences of white women fooling around. Think about ways to keep them safely out of black hands (not to mention Arabic/Hispanic hands).

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