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A call for libertarian action

It’s not like there’s a particularly grave shortage of libertarian theorizing going on the internet as everyone who has been looking for libertarian thought online should know. Theories can be good but they are definitely not enough and one of my favorite thinkers, Arnold Kling, makes a call for trial-and-error anarcho-capitalist activism on for setting up (virtual) Splinter States inside the US kinda like in the spirit of Dynamic Geography as proposed by Patri Friedman elsewhere though on international waters. Kling proposes that like minded people start getting serious about living inside the US without kneeling all the time before the Government; they should avoid contributing to or participating in “Social Security, Medicare, public schools, government regulatory agencies, etc.” and instead setting up their own underground organizations.

Sounds totally unworkable? Kling’s answer:

Right. It should. Think of this in entrepreneurial terms. Suppose we were getting together to brainstorm a new business idea. If it sounds to you like a sure-fire success, then either it’s an obvious idea that somebody has already done or you are ridiculously naive to believe that it will work. Instead, it should sound like something that is almost sure to fail, because of all sorts of problems that could get in the way. The trick is to see if you can brainstorm ways to solve the problems, so that something that sounds impossible at first ultimately has a chance.

I’m at least looking forward to participating as soon as I find enough like minded people who want to work with me.

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Identifying the mass killers

Europeans, especially those who are in power at the EU, are in general strictly against the death penalty. And they of course claim they occupy the moral high ground. Yet, they are the same people who are likely responsible for fraud on the scale of hundreds of millions each year on top of the much larger forced taxation with very questionable justifications. Now, think for a moment, what happens when the productive people are forced to pay for the parasites’ frivolous lifestyles (as Eurocrats’ lifestyles often are while productive but frugal people can survive with a small fraction of their living expenses). The parasites may prosper, but somewhere, somehow, it is almost certain that someone who was forced to pay taxes encounters a hardship that causes his death he would have avoided if only he had the money he has now lost to those fraudsters (in practice it may be a foolish thing like losing his girlfriend to some Eurocrat’s richer offspring that leads to depression and premature death while the Eurocrat’s sicko genes multiply — women in general are suckers for the rich males after all; or maybe more damningly he may die because he can’t afford to get medical care abroad which is unavailable in his home country with socialized health care system; you may imagine better examples yourself). In any case, it is bound to happen that people who would have survived without the fraud end up dead. Obviously, I can’t expect to be very accurate, but I’d expect that for each million stolen at least one productive life is lost on average. Thus if the Eurocrats steal a hundred million each year they are basically responsible for at least a hundred deaths just because of their fraud on top of everything else; they may be ‘fractionally’ responsible for many many thousands of deaths but again it is hard to give a good estimate.

And now, let’s remember that the Eurocrats are against killing even the most heinous sadistic murderers against whom there exists overwhelming evidence (instead they want to raise taxes so that those murderers can be ‘rehabilitated’ at public expense and provided humane prison environments). Yet, without blinking an eye, they steal untold millions which basically leads to thousands of deaths of people whose only crime may have been that they happened to work and live productively in Europe until they faced some hardship they couldn’t handle without the money they had earned but had been forcibly expropriated from them at the Eurocrats’ command.

This should be obvious to any consequentialist: the Eurocrats are basically no better than direct murderers themselves and in a just world they would be punished just as harshly: put to death as soon as possible. Maybe that’s why they instinctively don’t want murderers to be properly punished.

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A dissident review

My search for serious anti-establishment thinkers led me to Celia Green’s blog (maybe related to the awesome Hetty Green!??). She was a prodigious child some 60 years ago but feels obviously quite betrayed by the British establishment which has almost totally sidelined her. From what I’ve read so far, she definitely is a lot smarter than the average woman, and not surprisingly she is also decidedly anti-leftist in her attitude unlike the average woman. She has made some ‘mistakes’ (with the helping hand from egalitarian educators) which have kept her poor but at least she’s running a small organization called Oxford Forum which seems to have lots of stuff worth reading.

She’s also affiliated with another dissenter Fabian Tassano who writes on the blog mediocracy — some good stuff on how the modern Academia has gone crazy on too extensive technicality that hides the lack of content for example I’d say.

I may write more on their ideas sometime as there seems to be lot I can relate to after being disgusted with the Finnish system myself.

Also, as a bonus, I’m linking to another very nice EUSceptic blog with some good production values: enter The Devil’s Kitchen.

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EU <-> RotU

Looks like the Rotten Union is at it again when it comes to these new reports of “extensive, widespread and criminal abuse by Euro-MPs of staff allowances worth 100 million a year” reported at Bruno Waterfield’s blog as well as at Each year more fraud and lame excuses but still the sheep population tolerates it and avoids noticing how the parasites around Europe multiply.

“We want reform but we cannot make this report available to the public if we want people to vote in the European elections next year,” said a source close to the decision”, the Telegraph reports.

Now that hits the nail doesn’t it? And still people will likely vote (though not that many I guess). And then few years afterwards still no noticeable reform has taken place while the pockets of the robber barons have grown even fatter.

It’s more than five years since the EU’s chief accountant blew the whistle (and was soon sacked) but the bulk of Europeans have proven to be suckers once again. Still, this can’t possibly last for long. Either the Europeans allow the Muslims to take over and become obedient Dhimmis instead of sheep or they start doing something that sounds a little smarter such as lining the traitorous Eurocrats for slaughter and making a fresh start without the RotU.

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Vigilantism reborn

There’s an informative report on a group called Anonymous that has declared a war on the Church of Scientology down at the blog Sentient Developments:

And it has been the utter lack of political action in North America that has forced a clandestine vigilante group to emerge in the first place. While European countries like Germany and France are working to ban Scientology on the grounds that they violate human rights and take advantage of the vulnerable, it is a vastly different story here in North America. Our misguided mandate to unquestioningly honor all forms of religious expression has created a loophole for Scientology enabling it to spread its memetic cancer. And virtually nobody does anything about it—and those few who do are ignored or declared to be intolerant.

Which is why Anonymous has emerged and why they feel they have had to take matters into their own hands.

Anonymous protesting against CoS

I’d say it’s worth paying attention to how well they will do. After all the situation is much worse than that in Muslim infiltrated Europe. COS may not be a force to be not reckoned with, but I doubt it can be anywhere as powerful as some 1.3 billion Muslims in the world who are hell-bent on world domination and subjugating the rest of us. They have the Saudi oil money to back them up and somehow I suspect it has been used to lubricate the wheels of EU’s bureaucracies. I know, it’s possible that the eurocrats are just plain stupid when they are promoting multiculturalism at the expense of native Europeans like themselves, but yeah, I think it’s a bit more likely they are receiving bribes from Jihadist sources. To fight them, vigilantism may well be needed if the system is as corrupt as I fear it is.

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I wish they’d learn

After my last post I’m back to writing about more ordinary women. As I’ve noted in one of my older posts, it seems women have faced some serious selection pressure for thicker skulls, thanks to their lack of foresight. And no, modern women aren’t learning to be any smarter in droves as this one new case indicates: O.J. Simpson has a new white woman apparently beaten up and possibly facing a brain surgery (women’s skulls aren’t thick enough yet!).

I wish I could say something to defend most women but I honestly can’t. Their lack of thought beats me. A white woman willingly hooking up with a black man who is a ‘known’ murderer of a white woman albeit not convicted is something I have a hard time understanding. Yes, he’s handsome and I guess rich but can that really be enough to compensate for his lack of other good qualities and murderous brutality?

I’d say these women are not only stupid but also evil. Making children with black men like that is a vote for a future that looks like this story from West Africa where women continue to be brutalized on a daily basis:

“The scale of rape and sexual violence in Côte d’Ivoire in the course of the armed conflict has been largely underestimated. Many women have been gang-raped or have been abducted and reduced to sexual slavery by fighters. Rape has often been accompanied by the beating or torture (including torture of a sexual nature) of the victim… All armed factions have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate sexual violence with impunity.”

The Amnesty report documents case after case of girls and women, aged “under 12″ to 63, assaulted by armed men. The more recent and thoroughgoing report by Human Rights Watch records the rape of children as young as three years-old. During the civil war, women and girls were seized in their village homes or at military roadblocks, or were discovered hiding in the bush. Some were raped in public. Some were raped in front of their husbands and children. Some were forced to witness the murder of husbands or parents. Then they were taken away to soldiers’ camps to be held along with many other women. They were forced to cook for the soldiers during the day and every night they were gang-raped, in some cases by 30 to 40 men. They were also beaten and tortured. They saw women who resisted being beaten or killed by a simple slicing of the throat.

Many women were raped so incessantly and so brutally — with sticks, knives, gun barrels, burning coals — that they died. Many others were left with injuries and pain that still linger long after the war. Many who had been scarred as girls by “excision” or FMG (female genital mutilation) were literally ripped apart.

If by giving birth to half-black children white women willingly vote for that kind of a future even outside Africa, I can not forgive them. They are enemies of everything that is good and beautiful.

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A truly rare treat

I know, I know, when you find something so exquisitely rare as a woman with some common sense you have to tell the whole world about her. Thus this link to Rachel Lucas’s blog which I discovered yesterday. Here she writes about Obama’s foolish black wife and here she writes about people who think useless gifts like diamonds are a sign of true devotion instead of stupidity. Wonderful stuff. Though I have to say I can understand that Obama can’t really be blamed for not finding an intelligent black woman to marry and I won’t blame him for not stealing a white woman either. After all, if it’s so damn hard to find even one smart white woman it must be really damn hard to find a smart black woman. Truly a one in a million chance if not much worse I’d think.

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On Western exceptionalism

Ian Jobling has another nice piece on what makes the Western world exceptional down at the Inverted World. Whatever the reasons, it is beyond doubt to anyone who has studied the world history that whites have produced most of the scientific and technological progress in the known universe and that makes them very special indeed. Jobling does a decent job of trying to understand why Europeans even with lower IQs than East Asians have worked wonders:

Debate in white societies is not a casual affair. For many of us, convincing others of the truth as we see it is our priority in life. Whites’ orientation towards the truth is so powerful that we make heroes out of men who died for their convictions, like Socrates, Jesus, and Galileo. Our Western heroes are very different from heroes of other world regions, who affirm the power and superiority of the culture that produced them. Rather, our hero myths contrast the integrity of the individual vision of the truth with the complacence and conformity of the culture that persecutes the prophet or philosopher. So far from validating and protecting the social order, the Western hero is heroic because he challenges order. The individual can be right, and the whole rest of the world can be wrong: this idea is the essence of the West and distinguishes it from all other cultures.

For most of their history, white cultures have been highly authoritarian; however, there was always greater room in the West for criticism of authority than in non-Western cultures. Even during the most dogmatic period in our history, the Middle Ages, whites were relatively free to express their own versions of the truth, even if they tended to undermine authority. In part, this freedom was a result of another Western tradition: the separation of church and state. The substantially autonomous church had great freedom to criticize the temporal authorities.

The individual as a hero who can be right even when all those who are in power are wrong has not survived in the East even to the extent as they have in Europe and the US. That was surely true during the Cultural Revolution in China and I’m sure it has been true during most other phases of history. Even though I’m somewhat partial to the view that the median Eastern Asian is a better person in many respects than the median white (see for example this piece on AmRen) it is the individual genius that is needed to push societies forward and that is probably why oppressive Asian societies have not prospered quite as well as the Western ones. No matter the average European does not even manage to control a simple thing like his food-intake levels, the genius has found ways to prosper around the average fools for ages as at least they have not been as keen on killing them as their peers in the East. Though of course now the situation is rapidly changing as the Western countries are so busy importing the people who have kept the rest of the world from advancing into the West. Today we have the riots in Denmark. Tomorrow we might have the killings of the intelligent dissenters. Just like in the Middle East and Asia.

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The world as people write about it

As I’m slowly recovering from a very serious case of self-inflicted caffeine overdose, I’d better not try to write anything too great myself right now. Instead I’ll just point out two of the best articles I’ve read recently: The New Invisible Competitors by Tyler Cowen on the Wilson Quarterly site and this piece by Takuan Seiyo on the New English Review which resonates quite well with my own thinking on what’s wrong with people these days.

I’d say Cowen’s article is quite spot on when it comes to pointing out what kind of people and opportunities new technologies like web-collaboration tools benefit and provide. Of course Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat is pretty good reading on the same topic too. The second article by Seiyo is a lot gloomier. In this age of affluence the wealthy aren’t exactly doing what would seem to be prudent in the long run to say it as meekly as possible:

As if a hugely inflated money supply were not enough, finance people with lots of smarts and no wisdom have commoditized and leveraged debt via $415 trillion in derivatives, which is 789% of global GDP and tethered to unpayable mortgages for real estate dropping in value. When “investment” funds bear names like Bear Stearns’ High Grade Structured Strategies Enhanced Leverage Fund, it’s time to notice that we live in a house of cards.


That the mass market tends to cater to the lowest tastes and impulses is not the fault of capitalism. It’s modern liberal democracy, with its emphasis on egalitarianism and “nonjudgmentalism,” that leaves it to the marketplace to define all norms and values. And these are shaped by man’s eternal psychic diseases of greed, envy, lust, and sloth, and by those modern afflictions that Solzhenitsyn has noted: hastiness and superficiality.

Although I think capitalism is definitely the most ethical system I can think of, I do definitely think those-other-crazy-consumers should in general think a little harder how to spend what they have earned and cease their evil ways if they are parasites who spend other people’s money and vote for leftists. As I’ve probably written previously, I do think natural selection would be fixing the problem quite well if redistribution wouldn’t be happening on a massive scale, but today’s world is sadly too much like the world in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: ‘destroyers’ everywhere, good people nowhere to be seen.

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More stuff on deschooling

It seems my relentless web-crawling has borne another fruit as I found some good stuff on deschooling. Firstly, this blog post on EmbraceUnity titled ‘Deschooling Society’ by Edward Miller references another classic article on the topic by the political philosopher Ivan Illich and also includes the following part:

The American pragmatist John Dewey had similar ideas about the need for self-direction in education. In his treatise Democracy and Education, Dewey wrote, “Individuality as a factor to be respected in education has a double meaning. In the first place, one is mentally an individual only as he has his own purpose and problem, and does his own thinking. The phrase “think for one’s self’ is a pleonasm. Unless one does it for one’s self, it isn’t thinking. Only by a pupil’s own observations, reflections, framing and testing of suggestions can what he already knows be amplified and rectified.”

It is said that pragmatism is one of the few distinctly American philosophies, so none of this should be all that subversive. Another distinctly American individual, Mark Twain, once wrote “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

In this vein, Dewey continues, “…there are variations of point of view, of appeal of objects, and of mode of attack, from person to person. When these variations are suppressed in the alleged interests of uniformity, and an attempt is made to have a single mold of method of study and recitation, mental confusion and artificiality inevitably result. Originality is gradually destroyed, confidence in one’s own quality of mental operation is undermined, and a docile subjection to the opinion of others is inculcated, or else ideas run wild. The harm is greater now than when the whole community was governed by customary beliefs, because the contrast between methods of learning in school and those relied upon outside the school is greater. That systematic advance in scientific discovery began when individuals were allowed, and then encouraged, to utilize their own peculiarities of response to subject matter, no one will deny.”

Unsurprisingly, most truly paradigm-shifting thinkers have had little advanced schooling or at least have been very self-directed. If such self-direction is not fostered from an early age, it is unlikely that our society will produce many Einsteins.

With modern computers and the internet it is surely possible to eradicate schools without losing any noteworthy educational opportunities.. rather I think that by not wasting money on those government mandated indoctrination camps that modern schools are, enormous cost-savings are also possible. Anyway, after reading those, the idea of killing public schools sounds even more enticing. Now if only I could figure out a way to make it happen in real world.

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