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Another fine Fjordman file

If Europe will avoid falling back to the Dark Ages thanks to leftists and Muslims, I’m sure the Norwegian writer Fjordman deserves more than little praise. Here’s a link to his newest piece that sheds some new light to the situation. There’s some interesting stuff on the Muslim Brotherhood’s long-term plan (titled “The Project”) on how to conquer the West that seems to have been surprisingly well followed through in Europe in large part thanks to those helpful multiculturalist leftists.

Also I can’t help but to quote this part:

The Christian Social Democrat Helle Klein, the then political editor of Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet, during a demonstration against Islamophobia, racism and discrimination in December 2006 in Stockholm stood in front of a banner which read “A Sweden for all — Stop the Nazi violence,” warning against Islamophobia in the media. So, Islamophobia is associated with “Nazism.” Klein has repeatedly voiced sympathy for terrorist organization Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is a Fascist organization openly calling for mass murder of Jews. The irony of warning against “Nazi violence” while showing sympathy for an organization that wants to finish what the Nazis started apparently doesn’t strike Ms. Klein.

Again, that’s so typical of those creatures. Females that is. If muslims have something right it surely is that women should not be given any more power than their brains can handle and currently in the West they most definitely have more than they should have as they on average really aren’t as smart as men.

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My stupid women series continues

Why do women have thicker skulls than men? I just bet that’s because of women’s time-honored logic that often goes along the line “yes he beats me but I love him so I can’t leave him”; women haven’t had enough brains to avoid wife-beaters which has led them to develop thicker skulls to cope with their own stupidity (even if they actually have more complex reasons they usually seem just as stupid to me). Anyway, evolution truly works for women’s benefit even if women’s logic doesn’t! At least they may survive the beatings with only minimal brain damage if they are not smart enough to avoid brutes without impulse-control. And obviously if muslims and Hispanics continue to make headway with white girls we will slowly get even more thick-headed females.

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The thought lingers on sex bots

Once the thought of sex bots had materialized itself in my mind while writing my last post, I found it hard not to think about them a little bit more.The firstthingisaboutthetimetable: my best estimate when they will become popular is in the 2030’s but I admit it may be a way off. I certainly love to picture myself on my 50th birthday beaming next to my new sex bot, a gynoid that is, just to make future feminazis go crazy,butitmaytakelongerthanthatifthingsgogrievouslywrong in robotics development.

However,eveniftechnologicallyspeakingthingsgook, it seems probable there will be plenty of women who will oppose them just like there are nowadays no shortage of ‘feminists’ who oppose prostitution with very unreasonable arguments (that of course doesn’t stop them from making prostitution illegal in many places). I can think of a multitude of reasons why to prefer a gynoid over a human female whenthe technology gets good enough butmany women will probably fight against their prolifigation simply because that would reduce their power over men. Justlikenowtheymay statealoudotherreasons(thoughoftentheyjustspoutunintelligiblenonsense out of their mouths)than that simple one butthat of course doesn’t mean they are the real reasons.Rather it seems theyarejust
tryingtowinanargumentusingthe best rationalizations their feminazi-brains can confabulate at the moment.Ipredictthismaybeevenmoreobviousthenthannow
when some daring men (maybe the dirty old me among them!) will be selecting for gynoids that look like 13-year-old nubile girls (with unnaturally big breasts of course!) and the feminazis will try to outlaw that kind of thing even though the gynoids could be non-conscious ‘zombies’ who definitely won’t suffer from being used by men and their ‘use’ would be happening out of public sight.

Anyway, I don’t think a real man will allow them to stop him.

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One observation on the consequences of more virtual sex

I’ve been too lazy to write anything lately but trust me when I say I’ve not been too lazy to read Penthouse and its coverage on sex games (btw. Penthouse seems to have less good articles than Playboy in general but at least it has more pics for those who aren’t familiar with it). It reports for example that theadultoriented online game Red Light Center had more active users(600k which is no small accomplishment) than Second Life last fall although it has had very little media coverage. I haven’t tried it yet though I’m planning to. All in the name of following progress of course. Still, it got me thinking that this is the kind of progress that I think won’t be good for many women in the long run. After all, whatever lowers the “cost” of not securing women for your manly “needs” should basically mean men will spend less money on real women. I don’t think this is a bad thing as most females are after all fools who waste ridiculous amounts of money on such important things as shoes and new clothing for every single event (I definitely remember reading that women spend most of the money though they definitely don’t earn most of it unless you count earning money for their “favors” for men). Still, it seems bimbos will have a bit harder time in the future securing benefits from men. Even more so when the sex bot technology matures. I can only hope this will benefit smarter women at the expense of all the many brainless females who will probably suffer a bit (relativetotheirpeers– maybe not that much or at all in absolute terms unless some dystopic scenarios come true too). Anyway, I think geeks like me will prosper so I’m all for more virtual sex and sex bots.

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On the extent of human responsibility

As I have been a transhumanist for long but have written fairly little on related subjects here I think it’s time to at least give a link to this interview with Nick Bostrom and David Pearce who have been very influential in that movement:

(intro by) ANDRÉS LOMEÑA: Transhumanism, or human enhancement, suggests the use of new technologies to improve mental and physical abilities, discarding some aspects as stupidity, suffering and so forth.

(ending notes)D.P.: You may notice certain differences of emphasis between Nick and me. But I think we’d both agree that the future of life in the universe is potentially glorious beyond human comprehension.

N.B.: We do agree on that. And that is really important.

I recommend reading it all and I too agree that humans have the potential to create something very close to paradise on earth (long luxurious lives without disease and so on) but right now the future has very powerful enemies which is probably why I often focus on them rather than on other things. Anyone who realizes what is at stake should definitely fight hard to oppose all those enemies including Islamists and leftists, who strive to enslave the productive people who could create that paradise, while contributing to dysgenic outcomes which basically ensure humanity’s potential for something better go down the toilet more each year and to the extent they hold power.

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Earning geek points

It’s getting a bit repetitive, but I enjoy starting a New Year by reading stuff on Edge’s The World Question Center; this year’s question is ‘WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT? WHY?’. I haven’t read all the answers yet but I was delighted to find few thinkers who have changed their minds about whether human’s have been evolving in recent history. They have I think and that has serious consequences for immigration policy among other things and it’s good to see that more people are acknowledging it. If only multiculturalists would start using their brains too!

Also, on computer department, I have recently switched to using Gentoo Linux most of the time after about one and a half years after installation my Windows XP appears to be compromised by something malicious; I have experienced serious delays while browsing the internet for example. I have no idea what’s the cause but it’s definitely possible my computer has been hacked and is running a botnet or something whenever I start XP. Still, switching to Gentoo has made my laptop very responsive once again. In addition I started reading a book called ‘Hacking for Dummies’ which sounds about right and hopefully will make me more security conscious and help me avoid getting hacked sometime.

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