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Chaos in Pakistan

It’s hardly surprising Bhutto didn’t last long in a country like Pakistan after her return. Pakistan just showed its true colors. To my knowledge, Bhutto was not an angel, she was a socialist after all and socialist forced taxation and redistribution is not much better than Islamic rule in my opinion, but I guess she was probably better than most other Pakistanis. I happened to be watching some TV footage yesterday and all I could think was that those Pakistanis really looked like animals while they burned a bus and expressed their anger. That surely was helpful, eh? That kind of behaviour is of course why any sane country should not tolerate mass immigration from countries like Pakistan. There is a tipping point where ‘animal’ genes lead to total chaos in Western countries too, of that I’m sure, and it may not be that far nowadays.

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Peace on earth in Europe this Christmas.. but maybe not for long

Some nice stuff from the comments section at the Gates of Vienna which I think reveals why Europe is once again probably going downhill:

Zenster said…

Last_Norwegian: In addition anger works. Look at our current ‘leaders’. Angry mobs of muslims/greenies have a huge influence on decisions while our ‘leaders’ know that ignoring the calm, common man has no consequences for them. Not too hard to figure out who they’ll appease and who they’ll ignore then.

Excellent post, Last_Norwegian. You’ve identified several key elements that all militate toward extreme violence instead of less forceful solutions to these issues. Moreover, it is quite clear how multiculturalist politicians bear much responsibility for this. In answering only to those who threaten their political office rather than being concerned about the electorate’s welfare, such abject self-interest breeds up far more horrors to come. This is what will eventually transform the “calm, common man” into a militant national who will defend home, hearth and family by all means available. As JFK noted:


I could remind that I think one of the main causes for growing European irresponsibility and stupidity is the way too generous welfare mentality so pervasive in Europe. If people don’t bear responsibility for even themselves and their children, how could they possibly bear the much larger responsibility for whole Europe’s future? The more money you give to the irresponsible so that they can have more children at the expense of others, the worse the situation becomes as each generation is worse than the one before it rather than being better as I think would likely be the case without the so called ‘welfare-system’. The problem is that this progress is just too slow for those who are responsible for it to suffer most of its consequences which has made it profitable for the leftists. Unless people like me start acting a bit more proactively in opposing them they will pay little while others will suffer later because of them.

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Say no to handouts for Muslims

Hugh Fitzgerald echoes my own feelings quite well on this Dhimmi Watch piece The Jizyah continues to flow:

How horrible it is that, with ten trillion dollars having been transferred since 1973 alone from the oil-consuming nations to the Muslim oil states, that now the profligate and ignorant and timid West is spending still more billions and tens and hundreds of billions. Western governments are spending all this money in the mistaken hope that “poverty” is what makes the “Palestinians” or any other Muslim Arabs insistent on waging war. It is not “poverty.” It is Islam.

The Infidels refuse to take Islam seriously. This incredible offer shows it. Utter folly. It disgusts. It maddens.

It disgusts me too. I know nothing which makes them deserve Western money. Instead I think they deserve nothing. But of course that didn’t stop the US and EU to pledge more than a billion more for those Palestinians.
Here in Turkey even little kids very often ask for money when they see me. They may not be very educated but boy have they learned that Europeans are often suckers or at least they have been taugth that by their parents it seems. I of course give nothing. Why would they deserve anything? They have a decent country with a quite hostitable climate yet they want people who often have to support themselves in much harsher environments to help them. Disgusting.

Update: I found this relevant analysis on Atlas Shrugs that reports that aid to Palestine has tended to increase the number of homicides there as well as decreased the region’s economic growth. A good reason to give more aid, eh?

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One good reason to consider supporting the BNP

The genetic makeup of the population of Britain doesn’t seem to be improving according to this news item which reports that one in five kids in Britain are born to foreign mothers. Not to mention that the women coming from Pakistan in Britain have a fertility rate of 4.7 which is almost three times as high as that of native Britons. That might not be any problem if those people were not carrying genes that have made for example acid attacksagainstwomen popular in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh as reported
. I’m betting they have cruelty programmed into them not only by their culture but also by their genes. Now they have of course brought both to infect Britain. Dysgenics in action I say as I have no evidence to indicate their other traits like intelligence compensate for those shortcomings. On the contrary, they tend to have quite low IQs as well although of course for example the higher castes in India are quite smart (and more than few of them are now in Britain which may be a good thing but I don’t think enough to make the total positive).WhenIwasintheUKImetoneofthoseIndians
whoprovedtohavea verystrange
idea of deserving all sorts of handouts from Britons while at the same time he was complaining about “discrimination”while occasionally working at some sort of affirmative action programs which I could tell was very probably because he was clearly not competent enough to work well in his profession. Again: this would be the right time to stop this madness. When their genes spread the problem can only get worse.

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The results of Bush’s intervention?

The subprime mess is definitely not a small matter but at least according to this analysis (HT: blog)theUSgovernmentisonlymakingthemattersworsebyintervening:

Without question, the Bush administration’s mortgage rescue plan will exacerbate, not alleviate, the problems in the housing market. As the plan will sharply reduce the ability of new buyers to make purchases, it really amounts to a stay of execution and not a pardon.

Most homes temporarily saved from foreclosure will continue to depreciate as new buyers fail to qualify for loans. As a result, lenders will be on the hook for more losses than had the foreclosures taken place sooner. Of course, as these chickens will likely come home to roost after the next election, that’s a trade-off incumbent politicians will happily make.

Seems to make much sense to me (there’s of course more to it than I quoted here) and nicely reveals how little bureaucrats and politicians seem to care about really fixing problemsforthegood instead of giving the look of doing something,anything that the average voter might think is a good idea, to solve the problem for now. The result of havinga seriously underreadandanti-reason presidentandadministration can definitely be expensive for the American public.

Update: I guess I might add it is more than likely that a government lead by Democrats would have settled for even worse intervention so in that respect W may be almost a decent deal after all.

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Jews and Bolshevism: Falsely Accused?

As I previously wrote about David Duke’s claim that Jews were very much responsible for all the horrors created by Bolshevism in my post ‘Welcome to the Jewniverse’ I might just as well point out this attempted rebuttal by Bruce Walker to that claim. Still, it doesn’t seem to be that good as a rebuttal as nowhere does he deny that secular Jews weren’t the main driving force of early Bolshevism. As Walker writes they were definitely against Judaism:

Good Jews could not prevent a few bad Jews from doing what they wished. Bolsheviks, including Jewish Bolsheviks, were hostile to Judaism. From December 1918 to August 1919, the teaching of Hebrew was banned, religious instruction in Judaism was forbidden, the Kehillot (an umbrella organization of Jewish communists) was suppressed and the leaders of those organizations were rounded up and imprisoned.

but that was presumably simply because they were against religiosity in general and does notstrongly imply other anti-religious Jews weren’t in control at that time or shortly afterwards (I suppose I’d have to study what were the reasons behind attacking the Kehillot to assess how relevant that is to Jewish responsibility).

Then he claims the following:

The whole record of Bolshevism and Jewishness strongly indicates that Bolsheviks, like Fascists, used gullible and deluded Jews, the minority of Jews to be sure, to dig their own graves, sign their own death warrants, and confess to non-existent crimes.

No doubt that was part of the picture as that seems to be part of the standard method of those who have both the talent for manipulation and wickedness built into their personality, but somehow I doubt Gentiles would have been capable of outsmarting those Bolshevik Jews who were probably quite clever although seriously misguided in their thinking. So I do think it is likely thetop Jews were more or less responsible even for eliminating other Jews; those on the top might simplyhave used the lives of lesser Jews as bargaining chips for their own short-term gain which may have back-fired in the longer run as there were then too few Jews to oppose further elimination of other Jews such as even themselves.

He also writes about Marx:

What happened in the Soviet Union is only part of the error in assuming that, somehow, the Jewish people are responsible for Bolshevism. People eager to embrace that falsehood often note that Karl Marx was “Jewish.” That is not true: Marx was half Jewish and half Christian. His family converted to Christianity, but Marx rejected both Judaism and Christianity.

But again, to the extent that the term ‘Jews’ is understood as referring to one particular race whose Eastern variant has after all a full standard deviation higher IQ average than many other whites (and quite likely also other at least almost as important differences) Marx was a Jew according to David Duke’s somewhat deeper analysis.ThefactthathisfatherconvertedtoChristianity

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Extroverts good, introverts bad?

I suspect I have been bashing women a lot on this blog, but today I’m so totally redeeming myself by acknowledging there’s at least one almost sensible and at least very articulate girl-brain whose blog I’ve been reading occasionally and sometimes even finding it thought-provoking: ExistenceIsWonderful. For example, this post ‘Status Quo Bias and Typical Special Needs’ has some decent observations on the strange standards on what is and is not considered a disability in mainstream. Quite simply: extroverts need to be constantly accommodated in modern societies, as indicated by the examples in that post, but that is not considered a bad thing while introversion is often considered a disability that doesn’t deserve that much accommodation (rather introverts should just become more extroverted):

Nowhere in the article is extroversion described as a “disability”, and yet, clearly it is a trait that must be accommodated if some people are to do their jobs properly and maintain their mental and emotional health. Hmm…

IhavebeenwonderingaboutthatforaslongasIremember.I was just three years old
when I was in kindergarten and had been observing how the other kids were constantly
engaging in totally meaningless chit-chat with each other that I thought should have been very troubling
for anyone with half a brain. Yet, it was me, rather than those inane imbecils, who the teachers considered a troubling one. I remember how that became quite obvious when I finally decided to make a remark on my new classmate (a case of genes overriding my better thinking as the new girl happened to be very Aryan looking tall blonde whose intelligence level I was questioning rather innocently I thought). We had actually three teachers in the class and one of them seemed to be totally surprised (and relieved) that I had actually spoken to one of the other kids rather than just to teachers when asked or something as indicated by her words to those other teachers. After noticing that, I definitely considered trying to appear more normal, but then the little snobby voice in my head questioned the utility of doing that with words along the line of “talk to those animals? what could I possibly want to talk about with those animals?”. Thus I remained introverted and strange in the eyes of the common people.

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Anti-reason on the rise

To me it is clear that although Europe is still better than the average part of our globe, it is nevertheless rotten to the core. In Europe, you can find good people only in the extreme fringes. The majority of the people are simply totally wrong or ignorant on most of the important things. To draw attention to just a single issue today, one basic thing that keeps progress alive is the much celebrated “freedom of speech” which themost central parts of Europe have already given up as documented in this Jared Taylor’s article Return to the Dark Ages(originallywrittenin2001) using excuses like “incitement to racial hatred or Holocaust denial can not be allowed”. In Germany and France, truth is simply prohibited in court rooms if it is against what is accepted (and big surprise: Jews have defined in large part what is to be accepted as the truth).

In contrast, the US has still little more reasonable laws in place, but that is hardly preventing similar madness on the ground level there as documented at GoV: 9-year old suspended for ‘hate crime’. Read it and fight it when you encounter it in your life!

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Diving deeper into the Jewniverse

Now that I’ve had time to read most of David Duke’s book on Jewish supremacism about which I previously wrote in this older post I can safely say that I think it’s important to occasionally read things that mainstream people vilify the most. Duke writes much about what is quite commonly acknowledged (though also denied) such that Jews do control much of the MSMespeciallyintheUS and use it to further their causes. But he also writes about some interesting things about which at least I haven’t thought about previously. One of them concerns that Jewish father of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud. Although nowadays his theories are quite thoroughly refuted there’s little doubt they were highly influential. To my knowledge Freud was undeniably a very smart man yet large parts of his publicly promoted ideas were utterly ridiculous. Do I smell something rotten when I think about that? Yes, and Duke cites some sources which indicate that Freud was actually consciously unleashing a “plague” onto Gentiles. He never had the intention to help non-Jewish whites,hewasjusttryingtounderminetheconservative foundationofWesterncivilizationthatsexualliberationwas
smartandGentile-despisingJewcouldthinkof somethinglikethatandmakeitso influential.

Duke also illuminates how prominent Jews have been in organized crime in America and elsewhere as well as how the JewMedia has managed to prevent this from entering the public knowledge. I would have to study the issue more but I suppose it makes some sense that Jews have managed to rise to the top even in the underworld and are more than little responsible for those missing eastern European/Russian girls tricked into sex slaveryinIsraelandelsewhere which is now contributing to the depopulation of old Soviet block countries. Jews havefleshy needs too and what’s even worse is that they are intelligent enough to fulfill them as that may well result in partial genocide of the Slavs.

Thenthere’stheRothschild case and how the original fortune was made using much deceit, the case of Israel and some Holocaust revisionism. I’m definitely somewhat sympathetic to such revisionism as I don’t think there would be much need for incarcerating critical inquirers, such as David Irving, if the official story could stand up to scrutiny. Critical inquirers are definitely the ones who are keeping the fire of the Enlightenment alive while those who incarcerate and vilify them are the real cancer cells of Europe. Sadly, those cancer cells have infiltrated so many parts of Europe I’m not sure how much of Europe can still be saved.

Much of what Duke writes seem at least decently researched but of course there are few parts which aren’t that watertight. I think one of the most obvious ones is the part in which Duke tries to show that Jews had to know about the 9/11 attacks in advance because according to Israeli media theresupposedly were 4000 Israelis reported missing right after the event in the affected “areas” but only “suprisingly” few were actually killed. Duke states that this was statistically impossible, but I hardly think he arrived to that conclusion ina sufficiently rigorous manner as to my knowledge he didn’t for example examine what those news sources meant by the fuzzy term “areas”.

Still, all things considered, the book is quite readable and Duke is hardly a raving lunatic that some of his opposers seem to think he is.

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