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Mr. Malloy on Watson’s inconvenient truth

As I’ve already wrote two posts on the topic, I might just as well link to the most definitive blog post on the Dr. Watson case (by Jason Malloy) I have found so far.

It definitely does a fine job of illustrating how mass media has perverted the view that reaches the common people. Dishonesty is hardly new to leftist multiculturalists, but this
time the media has really outdone itself. Of course all who have followed the case now know Watson never really recanted, the media just gave his real words some spin.

He also does a decent job of countering some fairly common misconceptions such as that genetic differences can’t arise in different populations in just a few hundreds of years:

The claim that there has not been enough time for evolution to act on non-superficial traits is not scientific. First because nonsuperficial traits take no more time to evolve than superficial traits. More importantly, reasonable selection parameters allow for significant differences to arise between populations in 100 years, much less 100,000. Richard Lynn argues that genetics account for 1.3 SD in intelligence between sub-Saharan Africans and Europeans. Genetic anthropologist Henry Harpending illustrates how a 1 SD difference in a hypothetical trait, with a lower additive heritability than intelligence, could evolve in 500 years

If I hadn’t actually debated with several people whootherwise seem reasonably intelligent, but who thought that because it takes millions of years for some complex organlikeeyes to evolve, they also think it takes almost as much time(atleasttensofthousandsofyears) to evolve separate populations that significantly differ in their gene (or allele) frequencies, I would think only a total moron can think so.
Sadly hard data proves otherwise, even quite smart people aren’t always smart enough
to understand such a simply reality.

Such people of coursealso don’t understand that Muslims mightonaverage really be genetically more evil people than caucasians because 1400-500 years under Sharia law(oralmostSharialaw) is more than enough to multiply the frequency of ‘rapist’ genesinMuslimpopulations as I’ve written previously (not to mention genes that make more Arabs sadists and deceivers).

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The secret to keeping women aroused

The female brain definitely works in mysterious ways: If women try to supress their thoughts about chocolate, they eat more of it. Now, if those feminine brains have any consistency built into them (which however is definitely questionable), shouldn’t they also want to have more sex if you cunningly ask them to supress their thoughts about sex (and also promote a culture that does that)?Umm,IthinkI’vefinallyfiguredouthowthosereligious
conservativesmanageto outbreed the rest of us. But that willsurely change thanks to science and that one study.

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