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The multicultural left strikes again against civilization

France is once more reaping the “benefits” ofitsleftistandmulticulturalistpoliciesasParisor its outskirts areburningagain:

This time, the two teenagers, riding a mini-motorbike without wearing crash helmets, were killed in a collision with a police car. How this happened is unclear, and an inquiry has been opened. By nightfall, rioters were on the rampage. Over two nights of violence, they torched scores of cars and rubbish bins, a police station, a primary school, a library, local shops, a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant and municipal buildings. Some 130 policemen were wounded, several of them seriously.

Now that was a civilized response! Obviously,unlessSarkozystartsactingtough in reality and not just in his rhetoric,thesituationwillonlygetworsewiththedemographicsituation
thatrewardsMuslimbreedersattheexpenseof ethnicFrenchtaxpayers.

But madness is hardly limited to France as in Britainthose self-described
destructionofBritishcivilization at Oxford Union debate.TheIndependentgivesitstakeontheincidentbutitcontains
severalmisleadingitemsone ofwhichisincludedinthefollowing:

The principle that everyone is entitled to their say, however obnoxious their opinions might be, was put to the test at the Oxford Union last night as hundreds of protesters gathered to voice their disapproval of the two men from the extreme right whom the illustrious debating chamber had invited there to speak.

One of the guests, the BNP leader Nick Griffin, heads an organisation that wants to see millions of people deported from the UK because they do not regard them as truly British.

I’mhardlyanexpertonthe BNPbutI’mprettysurethatisnotthemain
Even if they weren’t truly British I’m sure more ethnic Brits would be more accommodating if those immigrants weren’t trying to impose Islamic law in Britain, abuse the welfare system and be outrageously criminal in general. They are not just non-British, they are anti-British. That’s the problem and that’s why many of them should be deported.

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Welcome to the Jewniverse

Jews are few in numbers relative to other major groups but as pretty much everyone knows they are very prominent in the sciences and other intellectual circles. Maybe as much as half of all the books I’ve read recently were written by Jews. They tend to have high IQs. This means they also tend to have more potential than others to do both good and evil. There’s little question in my mind they have done a lot of both. Recently, I have been trying to assess whether on the whole they have done more good than harm. Obviously to me, there are manythat Iconsider good Jews such as Milton Friedman, Steven Pinker and Ayn Rand(nottomentionKlingandKaplanattheEconLog.. definitely nice guys) but so there are some seriously bad Jews like Karl Marxand Trotsky (and yes Lenin was probably a quarter Jew and that obviously Trotsky and Lenin were moredirectly responsible for real evil than Marx).

No doubt to assess their total goodness is a mighty task I cannot expect to do very accurately (though I could mention on average it is obvious to me that the average man of all races is only minimally more good than destructive or else progress would be much faster and I think it is harder to assess whether a particular group such as the Jews is better or worse than the average of all men). Still, to begin this task I’ve already started to read one of the most notorious of sources, namely David Duke’s book Jewish Supremacism, in which he paints a picture that definitely contradicts much of what is promoted inMSMandhistorybooks.

So far I’ve read only the first 60 pages but I have already taken an interest in finding more on how responsible the Jews were for the rise of Bolshevism in Russia. Duke draws on old sources which report that over 300 of the original384 Communist commissars were of jewish heritage(manyhadchangedtheirnamestoappearmoreRussian) while only 13 were ethnic Russians. That in itself speaks a lot and seems to be at least somewhat true so far to my knowledge. Not to mention that Bolshevism was seriously wicked and was responsible for millions of corpses. Still, also obviously many Jews didn’t seem to like it much and left Russia in huge numbers around the time of the Russian Revolution (and yes, Ayn Rand was one of them). Anyway, to sum that period up it seems the Bolshevik Jews accomplished much more evil than the good Jews did good at that time. And later it seems Stalin had many of them killed but still other Jews remained devoted to Communism and spreading more evil to the world.

Dukeincludesmanyjuicydetailssuchthat”The Soviet propaganda minister during the war was a Jew, Ilya Ehrenburg, who notoriously distinguished himself by his
Second World War exhortations of Soviet troops to rape and murder
the women and children of Germany.”(in retaliation for the Holocaust I’d presume…though still kinda cruel… search for “Rape of Germany” on google)

And then he goes into some detail on how Jews have managed to hide their responsibility while at the same time demonizing Nazism. If it is true that the history books are written by the victors, Jews were the victors in the end it seems.

Now I hope I’m into more Talmudic secrets of the origins of Jewish supremacism (pretty wicked the bits I’ve read so far though I might again mention I find The Old Testament about as disgusting as well as the Koran.. thank goodness for some enlightenment values!). I don’t yet know if Duke goes into more detail how responsible Jews are for multiculturalism that keep the gentiles from uniting and the Jews more united but I hope for the best (divide and conquer the gentiles I guess in a way.. which seems to be working and not for the good of the world I gather). Maybe I’ll write more later sometime.

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Links, links and links

I’ve been spending way too much time reading stuff on the internet as I discovered for example a new and pretty good race-realist site The Inverted World and the writer Takuan Seiyo. Both are regarded as more jew-friendly than American Renaissance these days. Though I can’t say I agree with the founder of that former site when it comes to religion (Christianity and Judaism). I’m with Dawkins whosebook”TheGodDelusion” the Realist smears with the words “hackneyed liberal screed” which I hardly think is that accurate though of course Dawkins rehashes much what had been written previously.

FrontPage magazine also has a decent writing by David Horowitz onleftist tactics and the problem in the US and this piece on Islamic slavery sanctioned by Mohammed which includes for example the following part:

FP: This institution of Islamic sexual slavery isn’t just a reality of the past is it?

Warner: Everything that has been said up to now is not only history; it is Sunna (the example of the perfect pattern of action and morality found in Mohammed). So today we don’t have a beautiful blonde Christian girl on the block in Mecca, but we have continuous and ongoing rapes by Muslims in kafir cities. This goes on everywhere that Islam goes because it is Sunna.

This is a continuous 1400-year history of jihad. In every detailed history that comes from the original documents from history, rape is a constant. You have to look in the original documents, since our historians refuse to report it in so-called history books.

Rape is Sunna. Rape is not a sin. Rape is permitted and encouraged by Mohammed and the Koran. Islam is the only political system in the world that includes rules for rape and war. Rape is jihad. How good can it get? A Muslim gets to rape a kafir girl and get heaven credits. All jihad is a ticket to Paradise.

The most disgusting aspect of the Islamic rape of kafirs is not the rapes, but the kafir response. Kafirs become dhimmis by ignoring the rapes. I challenge you to find one, even one, mention of Islamic rape in the history books.

Islamic rape is more taboo than the N-word in the media. At least the N-word is acknowledged to exist. Even unicorns exist in media fantasy. But Islamic rape is forbidden to even exist as a fantasy.

And to reach a fevered rant: our so-called “feminist” scholars are absolutely intellectually and morally bankrupt hypocrites. They are traitors to our culture and a shame and a disgrace. They remain silent in the face of heinous crimes against women. They are arch-dhimmis when they refuse to speak of the Sunna, history and current rapes of our daughters, mothers, and sisters.

And that seems to be the reality in Sweden’s multicultural Malmo even this very day according to the Local which reports that another 13-year-old girl was raped there by some man of unreported ethnicity. That of course means with a high-likelihood either a muslim or black African. Where are the Swedish feminists who are trying to stop this progress???

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Going Turkey

I’m the firstone to admit that there are some serious problems in the Western world due to authoritarian political correctness (see for example the case ofthe former thinkertothinker blogger Mikko Ellila who’s now facing trial according to latests news due to things he wrote on the internet), but as I’ve been in Turkey for some time I can report Muslims are still a little ahead of the West. Here, website-banning is rampant. So far I’ve encountered about a hundred(western) sites which Turkey isshamelessly blocking. Many of the sites seem very innocent, last night for example I found that the blog of some physics PhD was blocked and it didn’t seem to contain any incriminating stuff unless scientific thinking is to be discouraged in Turkey (and of course it is if Islamists have their way!) when I used a proxy to access it (at least there’s an easy way to go around those bans for any internet savvy surfer).

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Constitutional slaughter in the US

The author of “A Nation of Sheep“, Judge Napolitano, interviewed at Reason talking about the infamous Patriot Act in the US:

The Patriot Act’s two most principle constitutional errors are an assault on the Fourth Amendment, and on the First. It permits federal agents to write their own search warrants [under the name “national security letters”] with no judge having examined evidence and agreed that it’s likely that the person or thing the government wants to search will reveal evidence of a crime.
Not only that, but the Patriot Act makes it a felony for the recipient of a self-written search warrant to reveal it to anyone.

Now that’s truly rich. It must have taken an evil genius to make that lawful reality though as indicated by the following it ain’t like politicians were particularly careful when they approved it:

I was speaking in the Midwest—I don’t want to tell you where, somewhere in the great Heartland—two weeks ago and at the end of my speech, after I said many of these things I’m saying here and in my book, there was a congressman in the audience. He and I socialized a bit, and he said, “Judge, I’m a little ill at ease. I didn’t know until hearing you tonight that the Patriot Act permitted self-written search warrants and criminalized speech about receiving them, and I voted for it twice.”

And I said—knowing how he was going to answer—I asked, “Didn’t you read it? You voted on it.” No, he didn’t have time, he only read the summary. And he didn’t remember the summary talking about self-written search warrants and criminalized speech.

Ant that was several years after he voted for it. I suppose politicians have better things to do than to study how the laws they have approved work in reality. Again I have to ask, does any sane person really think that politicians know better than you how to spend your money?

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Becker and Posner on taxing the billionaires

Here’s Gary Becker and Judge Posner on billionaires and analyzing the costs and benefits of their taxation vs. taxing others.

A sample from Becker:

A heavy tax on the very wealthy would also raise tax revenue that could replace income and other taxes on the not so wealthy. I believe that individuals with wealth in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars would tend to work about just as hard when their estates would be heavily taxed as they would without estate taxes, as long as they would still have a very large after-tax estate. However, the revenue raised has to be balanced against the costly evasions and avoidances that such a tax generates.

I agree on that last point. And I think it is definitely debatable which is the lesser of two evils, taxing the super-rich more while lowering the taxes of others or vice versa, but in the end from my perspective the really moral thing to do is of course lowering taxes for everyone while making the system more straightforward and erasing loopholes. I bet billionaires have a hard time managing their estates carefully, but honestly I don’t think any sane person can think it is likely that the Leviathan led by for example Hillary andthe Democratic congress would do a better job of handling moreofthe money of those US billionaires than they do themselves.

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Statistics vs. what women think and say

As I’m still in Turkey and I’ve read Turks are #3 in popularity in themarriage market of foreign men when the “buyers” are women from my mother country Finland, I have been thinking about what it tells aboutthose women. Finland is supposed to be one of the most sex equality-driven countries in the world, yet quite a few Finnish women are marrying Muslims,often Turks, who of course don’t in general think much of women’s rights or equality.

The women who are datingandmarrying Turks, quite typically say they are better than the average Finnishmales but when it comes to Turkish men in Finland statistics do imply that
those women’s perception of reality on average must be awfully inaccurateasindicatedbythefollowingtablewhichincludesthe
variousforeignersincludingTurksinFinlandin2005 (source in Finnish only – page 3):

Nationality #suspects #suspects living in Finland #in Finland #suspects/1000
Russia 8188 3902 24621 158
Sweden 2684 1385 8196 169
Somalia 1583 1511 4704 321
Iraq 1296 1198 3267 367
Turkey 1166 1042 2621 398
Iran 1019 958 2562 374

Thus, Turks are actually pretty much the very worst criminals in Finland. They are even worse than Somalis and Iranians which is quite an accomplishment (the Sweden’s “score” isquite high probably because of those new naturalized Swedes coming from MidEast). Moreover, it seems likely that since more of the Turks who have come to Finland are actually men “carefully”
selected by Finnish women (opposed to Iraqis and others who are more likely to be refugees instead of being brought to Finland by Finnish women), women who marry them are indeed on average totally clueless just as most “rednecks” in Finland tell them if their opinion is asked. Who’s stupid: Finnish women or those “racist” male Finnish rednecks? I say the data clearly indicates the women are more stupid.

At least women are not selecting for good character when it comes to Turkish males. I wonder if their looks are enough to compensate.

Update: I might add that a simple reason why Turks are absolutely worst(per 1000) in that table might be because they are more predominantly males than others but I have no statistics to tell if that’s the case. Still, it seems those women are basically marrying males which would have been the best choices in ancestral environment hundreds of thousands of years agowhenrapingandpillagingwas”theproperthingtodo”
ifyouwantedyourgenes tosurvive while Finnish males might be more evolved nowadays of course contrary to average women’s perception.Orthenagain,there’sapossibilitytheyhavesimplyrealized
thatin modern nanny states where criminals are hardly punished it pays to be with them. Still, if women were more moral, they would surely choose to work to change the society rather than to contribute to its downfall.

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And who’s to blame?

JohannHariwrites intheIndependent:

For the past six days, we have been saturated with tributes to the “greatness” of Norman Mailer. Not just his work but his life. He has been called “brave”, “determined to experience life’s richness”, “compassionate”, even “nice”. It is noted only briefly that he violently despised women. He said they are “low, sloppy beasts; they should be kept in cages”. He campaigned to halt every move to give women control over their lives, including birth control – because he said he wanted to retain the “thrill” of knowing the woman he was having sex with might later die in childbirth. He said feminists wanted to “destroy men” and wrote a bizarre 300-page book – The Prisoner Of Sex – to “prove” it.

He acted on this hate. He beat his young wife, Adele, punching her in the stomach when she was six months pregnant, and coerced her to have group sex with his friends. One night, in the middle of a party, he picked up a knife and stabbed her. He cut through her breast, only just missing her heart. Then he stabbed her in the back. As she lay there, haemorrhaging, one man reached down to help her. He snapped: “Get away from her. Let the bitch die.”

And on he goes lamenting that our society doesn’t care enough about violence against women. But at no point does he say that women should take some responsibility. They know, or they definitely should know, who they are sleeping with; if they often do willingly sleep with violent misogynists (those oh-so-manly brutes) instead of nice guys and help them propagate their genes of course they suffer. Too many times I’ve seen some thoughtless little woman willingly go to her doom although all the easily detectable signs of meanness,cruelty and sometimes also deception are right there in front of that woman’s eyes. I say to them: if you sleep with scum, you are scum too. That may sound little harsh but I think it’s true although I don’t mean to imply that those men they sleep with aren’t usually even worse than the women.

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Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve

No matter how many retards think he’s crazy, Ron Paul has produced lots of good stuff such as this dialogue while talking about monetary policy during economic busts with Ben Bernanke in the US congress(note: the link may not be working correctly):

And what is the advice that you generally get, and that is inflate the currency. They don’t say inflate the currency, they don’t say debase the currency, they don’t say devalue the currency, they don’t say cheat the people who are (inaudible). They say lower the interest rates.

But they never ask you, and I don’t hear you say too often, the only way I can lower interest rates is I have to create more money. I have to lower the discount rate, I have to make it generous, I have to increase reserves, I have to lower the interest rates and fix the interest rates — overnight rates.

And the only way you can do this is by increasing the money supply. And I see this as the problem that we don’t want to talk about.

You could say I see it as a problem too as I have some investments denominated in US dollars. Those parasites at the top are eroding what little wealth I have while making money out of thin air for themselves and of course also benefiting those who have lots of debt too (and taking debt is hardly inherently good and thus should not be rewarded by any sane policy). They should have no right to do such a thing.Iwouldthinkthe onlyreasonthegeneralpublicallowsthistohappenisthattheysimply
are not smart enough to really understand what’s happening and the elites are definitely
happy to keep them that way or so I would suppose. Little wonderthe MSM controlled by the elites is not particularly interested in educating the public about this issue.

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Why so little progress in pharmaceutical industry?

Interesting stuff on Newsweek:

During the time Andrew S. Grove spent at Intel, the computer chip company he co-founded, the number of transistors on a chip went from about 1,000 to almost 10 billion. Over that same period, the standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease went from L-dopa to . . . L-dopa.

Grove has some good ideas but I think he may be missing one major point.
I think theremightbea link between that lack of progress and
the fact that the percentage of women leading medical research studies has been rising quite significantly. Not only that
sinceat least to my perception, women areingeneral much more prominent in medical and pharmaceutical industriesandtheirregulation than they are in the semiconductor industry. And let’s not forget the data that indicates very few very smart people are female. Maybe thefundamental reason for lack of medical progress is that women, who don’t understand how costly regulations and precaution can be, are holding too much power in those industries relative to their cognitive capabilities. I at least consider that somewhat plausible. And let’s not forget how badly
the public education sector,dominatedbywomen, usually works. I think I see a pattern.

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