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Foolish white women – weak in body and mind

I’m a big fan of reading news onAmerican Renaissance. This time another black man infected by HIV has succeeded in infecting very foolish women in Poland:

Simon Mol’s personality is described similarly by all who spoke with us: “very intelligent, warm, heartfelt. He perfectly mastered body language. This worked on women. He would talk to them while looking into their eyes, taking them by the hand,” says director Mariusz Orski, who cooperated with Mol’s theater.

“We don’t know what’s in Simon’s head. Cultural differences are that important,” says one Warsaw Professor, enigmatically. Many from the academic community are beginning to formulate wild hypotheses. They speak about these ideas only when assured anonymity. They say that amongst many Africans, there is a notion that AIDs can be cured by “giving it to someone else,” that is by sexual contact with a different person.

The most dramatic aspect of all of this are stories about Mol forcing women to have unprotected sex with them by arguing that using a condom with a black man is a sign of racism and racist fears; that it is politically incorrect. This is coupled with the fact that for many women, having unprotected sex with a black man fulfilled two politically correct obligations: it was trendy to have sex with a black man, and it was also a sign that one was not prejudiced against blacks.

And it seems no woman had the sense to refuse. Of course, that “lovely” Cameronian refugee, might well have raped them anyway, but at least then if the woman had any sense of responsibility she might have reported the incident to the police and possibly managed to stop him from infecting more women. Not a single one seemed to have done that. Again, I think thisclearly indicates how very weak characters so many women have under their surfaces though of course these ones were already selected to be the fools among women as they were willingly in bed with that black man.

Similar things happen pretty much all the time in many tourist resorts around where I am right now from what I’ve been reading so again this is not that rare behaviour among women. Women like them do earn their Darwin Awards like one person commented on AR. The main thing is that they should be denied public health care. Others should not be forced to pay for their weakness and stupidity. That wouldatleast ensure that the gene pool would be getting better if others had the right to prosperandbreedhealthychildren without having to pay for expensive HIV medication for those suckers like happens in our evil societies right now.

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Is that a black swan I see over there?

It may be anothersteaming hot day in Turkey, but current equity market movements are definitely giving me the chills. The yen has been rising unsurprisingly too as the stocks have tumbled worldwide. I’m still so young I wasn’t paying attention to what happened in ’98 when the carry trades unwinded big timeinsuchashorttimeeventhegiant LTCMwasbroughttoitsknees, but from what I’ve been reading, it seems history may be about to repeat itselfprettymuchanytimenow (see this for some details aboutthepossibilityof Yen carry trades unwinding).

Now if only I would be knowledgeable and smart enough to make big money while others start losing fortunes.

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“There are no evil people”

In my new series that “proves” there really aren’t them, I’d like to point out the honor killing of Banaz Mahmod:

Banaz, a bright, pretty 19-year-old, fell in love with another man.

And for that, she was murdered by her father, uncle and a group of family friends. The very people who should have protected her from harm plotted her killing, garrotted her with a bootlace, stuffed her body in a suitcase and buried her under a freezer.

The full details of what happened to her are still not known but two of the suspects, Omar Hussein and Mohammed Ali, who fled back to Iraq after the killing, are said to have boasted that Banaz was raped before she was strangled, “to show her disrespect”.

Obviously, a father who watches his own daughter murdered like that and approves it can’t possibly be evil. Yes, I even found this one blog post by some Christian female philosopher that “really proves” people can’t be evil: see this if you are interested:

There are no evil people. Some specific actions can be regarded as evil, but people themselves cannot ever be regarded as evil. This claim is justified on the basis that the very notion of an “evil person” is self-contradictory.

Let us start by defining “evil” as “doing harm for the sake of doing harm.”

So, those who accidentally do harm are not evil; those who intentionally do harm, but in hopes of bringing about greater good are not evil; the only people who possibly could be considered evil would be those who intentionally do harm just for the sake of doing harm.

But to be considered evil in themselves, they would also have to be wholly evil. If they sometimes do good, they could not be regarded as evil, because the good that they do is real and benefits the world in a substantial way. So, if there could be a truly evil person, he or she would at least have to be someone who does harm all the time, for the sake of doing harm.

Since the person is capable of moral choice, and understands the difference between good and evil, then the person does have some understanding of goodness. On this basis, we can conclude that the person therefore is not wholly evil. Having the capacity to understand goodness, and having the capacity for choice means that there is always the possibility that sometime in the future this person might decide to choose good. So there is in the person still the potential for some goodness.

Therefore, it is self-contradictory to assume that there could be evil people.

only call people evil if they only do evil all the time and not if they still have potential for doing good? I’d say it’s more useful to consider people evil if they do more harm, more or less intentionally, than they do good. Also, I disagree that people should be only called evil if they do harm for the sake of causing harm; it’s possible there really aren’t people like that (evensadistspresumablyharmothersbecausetheyenjoy
forthesakeofcausingharm) or at least very few but I have an alternative definition which more people satisfy. Indeed, my own definition of evil is closer to “doing what benefits me regardless of how much others are hurt” while good is closer to “doing what benefits me while also taking the well-being of others into consideration” (though I suppose there’s more to my more exact but yet unarticulated mental definitions). That makes a lot more sense in a real world. And to the extent a person enjoys harming others, he can be considered innately evil.

based on my knowledge, whether he has done more harm than good more or less intentionally (I can hardly be expected to know what some other person’s real intentions have been so this is not an exact science). If he seems to have done substantially more harm than good he most definitely is evil in my books. As is the case with those honor killers as I kind of do doubt people who do what they have done are otherwise such an angels their other actions make up for it.

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Seduction wars

Oh well, I’m back in Turkey. And I’ve recently realized this place is actually one of the more popular destinations for female sex tourism. What’s worrying is that the women who come here for sex are not just older womenlikeinsomeotherplaces butoften really young too. The problem isn’t of course that women are after sex but that they are after sex with Muslims. Indeed, when I go to a local nightclub, there’s basically usually lots of Turkish men who outnumber mostly European tourist girls and other non-Turkish men whose numbers are the smallest (what’s missing is naturally Muslim girls who are back home while their boyfriends and hubbies are after European meat).

Needless to say, when I see a blonde European girl making out with some Turkish playboy my blood starts to boil (and when I hear about Turks raping young Europeangirls that hardly makes me feel any better).

Clearly, this situation calls for action: every girl who I can save from being ravished by some Turkish cheater is a small victory for the forces of good (even better if I can save the girl by having her instead in my bed). But then thereare some problems. First, most of the girls who come here are totally clueless about the clash of the civilizations that is happening between the Muslim world and Europe.Theyjustthinkit’scooltohavesexwithoftendarkand
hairyTurkishentertainment monkeys without thinking about any probable consequences (like Turks deciding to skip using the condom as they wage jihad by infecting foolishinfidel girls.. I guess I have to be extra careful with the girls I meet here).Second,myownseductionskillarebasicallyonlygoodforpicking
ifIhaveenoughmoneyinmypocket,buthardly good enough for much more than that.

Thankfully though, as anoted brainiac, I’ve discovered this thing called speed seduction based on neurolinguistic programming which reportedly has turned many geeks into succesful womanizers. I’ve already read about various strategies that make women want me if properly applied (patterns, anchoring and things like that*). Now I only need lots of practical training. Hopefully, I have some positive things to report before the end of this summer. Also, though obviously I should avoid using lame pickup lines I’ve already made one for myself: “Hey girls, you two look so cutetogether I think I’m gonna have to go all Muslim and marry you both or at least take you to my place right now!” (a winner, eh?)

*To be honest I think it’s really saddening that women actuallycan fall for that kind ofemptyemotional shit, but after knowing that so many womenalso fall horoscopes and religions, it’sreallynotthatsurprisingtheyalsofallforseduction crap (also, I can hardly avoid noticing that many young girls fall for the very worst cheaters so clearly they are not that smart).

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On Chomsky and propaganda

While the UK has failed to burn thanks to those Muslim doctors, because apparently at least one of them spentwaytoomuch time reading Islamic texts instead of reading how to make proper bombs (lovely to see taxpayer money spent on importing Muslim doctors instead of supporting natives, eh?), I have also possibly been wasting my time as I’verecently read Chomsky’s older productions. Well, maybe not as they are at least somewhat interesting, although I too should probably have higher priorities if I’m trying to accomplish what I’m planning to. Still, as I’ve done what I’ve done, I might at least write a little bit about Chomsky.

Atfirst, let me note that I hardly agree with Chomsky’sleftist ethics as he seems to thinkthat “from each according to his ability to each according to his need” kind of thinking is good among other things. Also, his economic insight hardly seems that keen as in the beginning of the 90’s he thoughtthesuccessof Western European andJapaneseeconomies(lessfreethantheUSone)hadprovenstate-controlofeconomyisgood.OfcoursemanypeoplethoughtJapanwould
and stagnation followed but still they were obviously wrong and thefreer American economy marched forward soon afterwards leaving them further behind.

Still, leaving aside things like that, I can agree with much of what Chomsky has written in for example his book “Deterring Democracy” in which he makes his case against American foreign policy. Chomsky thinks exactly like me about for example the “War on Drugs” (totally unjustified and probably very much a scam). And he does paint a quite convincing picture about all the things that are wrong with American interventionist foreign policy(whichsupposedlypromotesDemocracy abroad but of course in reality usually only when it promotes US interests – not a sin in itself but lying to your people probably is) and how the propaganda machine workstosupportit (and it works so well! even classic things like “after enough repeating the lie becomes the truth” are quite true from what I’ve seen and quite hard to avoid succumbing to if I’m not very careful). Even the fact that so many people have such a violent knee-jerk reaction against Chomsky indicates in itself that propaganda works and it is easy to seeafterreadingChomsky why some people in power want that to be the prevailing reaction sothat as few people as possible read about what he has been writing and possibly start thinking more about things for themselves.

Hopefully, I’ll write more on this subject sometime after thinking about it more.

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