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Taking demographics seriously

Thanks to Gates of Vienna I found this wonderful translation of what the German sociologist Gunnar Heinsohn has to say about our likely future.

Basically, evidence seems to indicate that when reasonably well-off youth population bulges, violence follows. And the world will have some 300 million young male Muslims in 20 years. And that in France now about 2 out of 5 children are born to Muslim parents. That’s the kind of a recipe that could easily lead to the repeat of same kind of havoc that happened during WW1 and 2.

In theory it would still be easy to avoid it if only people would smarten up, but currently that’s not happening anywherenear fast enough. Though I think that even the average stupid white Europeans will start to understand the problem when the problem starts punching them in their faces and that it might not be too late to save many of them when that happens (though only very painfully).

See for example this Dhimmi Watch piece on polygamous Muslims living in Great Britain. Hey, it may be illegal for Britons but boy ain’t it just great they do support it through tax-payer money when Muslims practice it?

Also, Americans are stupid too as indicated by this.

Yes, let Muslims swear by the Qu’ran in the court of law no matter it says it’s ok to lie to unbelievers.

In addition: “..such believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly”. When I’ve dealt with Muslims in Turkey, I have also noted quite a few shopkeepers seem quite amiable when dealing with mebutstilltheyshamelesslytrytoripmeoffina quitedeceptivemanner(I’vehardlyeverexperienced
similar in Europe by non-Muslims). But at least deception works both ways and I certainly
won’t go to those shops again.

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More women in engineering = good?

I think it’s good to expose some flawed arguments for why women should be recruited to engineering schools, hence the link to the article “Should there be more women in science and engineering?”:


Many people hold this truth to be self-evident, that there should be more female students in science and engineering. Typical arguments include possible benefits to women, possible benefits to the economy, and the unfairness of the current female under-representation. However, these justifications are never explicitly and thoroughly presented. Clearly stating and scrutinizing them, we show that they in fact have logical flaws. When made consistent, these arguments do not unconditionally justify enrolling more women in scientific disciplines. In particular, what women want must be taken into account. Outreach programs towards K-12 girls must therefore purport to allow them to choose a field freely, rather than try to draw as many of them to scientific disciplines as possible. This change of mindset must be accompanied by a close examination of the purpose and effects of these programs.”

I do mostly agree. Though I might bring up for example the following part of it:

“Women are more likely to stress interpersonal factors (e.g. helping others), whereas men tend to
value money and status more (Eccles, 1994; Morgan et al., 2001). Would engineering allow women
to help others? The president of the U. S. National Academy of Engineering argues that engineering
does have a positive impact on society and provides an opportunity to help others (Wulf, 1998). Let
us assume for the sake of argument that he is right. What does this argument actually prove? It
shows that women are wrong if they choose not to study engineering because they believe that it will
not allow them to help others. That is, such an argument shows that women should want to major
in engineering. It does not show that there has to be more women in engineering.”

Yes, though I think it’s telling that many women don’t seem to understand they could (at least in theory if only they were smart enough) help others big time by devoting their time to such arcane arts aselectrical engineering – more so than in many other fields (by for example developing fasterandcheaper computer chips whichcould help in finding cures for all sorts of diseases). But the feminine brain rarely seems to understand the merits of such indirect method of helping others, although women in contrast seem to excel in indirectwaysof communication their desires (then again.. that isn’t in my opinion a particularly good thing). Also, I’m not totally convinced many of those women who claim they are interested in helping others are sincere but that’s another story.

Anyway, instead of spending a lot of time thinking hard thoughts, many young girls decide to earn their living by posing in little clothing for example at And considering how much of my computer time is spent on watching those girls I have to say I appreciate their efforts (go Liza B!!!). Therefore, I’d say that I’m quite content with women choosing other professions than science and engineering. Andmany pretty girls, who are (quite obviously in my opinion – though of course more study would be needed to establish this as anaccepted fact) a result of countless generations of selection for ornamental traits, are more suitable to earning their living in other fields than those which would require them using their brains, so no wonder they choose the way which is more natural to them. I don’t blame them for that. I blame others who don’t appreciate hard facts.

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Young Stalin and fooled women

Now, this is a somewhat interesting article on Stalin. I’d say it can be useful to know more about what kind of people your enemies are, so read it.
Though I have to criticize one part of it:

“As Stalin’s biographer, I had heard the story(aboutStalinhavingfuckeda13-yearoldgirl – Kuromaku) but it seemed so outrageous as to be incredible: like most historians, I simply believed that it was mere propaganda.”

Excuse me? In what universe it is truly outrageous that men do what they have been doing throughout mostof recorded(andespeciallyunrecorded) history with consenting girls in many societies? I would hardly expect historians to be so clueless (though of course current times are crazy as I’ve noted before). Moreover, Stalin isn’t exactly known for his conventional morals and to be honest I think it’s quite insane to think that a thing like that would be a big deal considering his more serious crimes (you know, those millions he is very much responsible for murdering and even that smaller scale thuggery he committed when younger as noted in the article). In and of itself, the fact that some man fucks a teenage girl (consensually) should hardly be anything compared to murdering innocents.

And then there’s more:
“In 1916, the Georgian lodger impregnated Lidia for the second time, and then typically made himself scarce. He escaped for the whole summer of 1916: where had he gone?Most likely, his disappearance was connected with the pregnancy: locals claim he was devising a way to avoid marrying his pregnant mistress.During my research, I discovered Stalin already had form as a prolific lover and that he had often promised marriage, only to renege at the last minute.
Even in these years of penniless obscurity, he was never without at least one girlfriend – and often more.”

Women are regarded as choosy but let’s face it: they aren’t usually smart enough to detect a psycho like Stalin (I’m quite sureconsideringhisreportedactions that he never cared much for those women, he just used them, and it seems they were usually quite fooled before he dumped them). Yes, some sweet talking combined withsomewhat attractive looks is all it takes to fool most womennomatterhowemptythosesweet wordsmightbe (and when you start seriously talking to women they are often turned off since honest and intelligent ideas often contradict their delusional worldviews too much).Andthusevilseedsstart growing in their wombs (psychopathologicaltraits are quite highly heritable according to my knowledge).Though of course many women are also evilthemselves, as they don’t even try to avoid making babies with men they should very well know to be evil, as long as they have something women want, no matter how much other good people will be hurt because they let evil spread.

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A sick choice getting sicker

From the NY Times article “Genetic Testing + Abortion = ???”:

“Abortion rights supporters — who believe that a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body — have had to grapple with the reality that the right to choose may well be used selectively to abort fetuses deemed genetically undesirable. And many are finding that, while they support a woman’s right to have an abortion if she does not want to have a baby, they are less comfortable when abortion is used by women who don’t want to have a particular baby.”

On the other hand, I am definitely less comfortable with having an abortion for no particular reason (after the woman irresponsibly got pregnant without wanting a baby) than having an abortion because the child would be seriously sick (or deformed or..) and would probably suffer because of it. Still, I do think that other people have the right to choose like that even though I think it can be quite sick. Only if after they choose to have a sick baby they start asking for socialized medicine or other public support for that baby their choice becomes really sick. And that’s exactly what many of them do. First they choose, and then people like me are supposed to pay for their choice. Now, that’s sick.

“Mr. Imparato said he was disturbed to learn recently that in several states with legislative efforts to restrict abortion rights, groups like Planned Parenthood often lobby for an exemption for women who learn their child would have a disability.But he said that the person who alerted him was a Planned Parenthood lobbyist who was herself troubled by the tactic because it seemed to run counter to the progressive political agenda that supports both choice and tolerance of human difference.”

But then again, that supposed tolerance isn’t for some reason meant for people who’d like to choose to have a baby that has probably a brighter future than a genetically deficient one. Yeah, that’s “liberal” tolerance for you.

At last, some good news:
“Still, social policy may be unable to sway a seemingly strong personal preference for avoiding children with perceived genetic defects. About 90 percent of women who learn they are carrying a fetus with the extra 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome choose an abortion. Studies have shown that many women choose to abort for diagnoses of less serious conditions.”

At least there are some women who can think and are responsible as they want to give their children better chances.Choosingtohaveasickbabyalwaysmeansyoucan’thavea
instead of it. They who choose the sick baby choose a sick world.Canitreallybe anysimpler? Anyway, it really seems more genetic testing would be good for society as long as abortion is legal (of course as long as it isn’t too expensive).

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Rejecting Mme Royal

Today is the day the Frenchpeople will hopefully dump her. I can only say thatthe more I have heard about what she has been saying the less I think of her. Themere fact that she’s the socialist candidate speaks volumes of her(enoughtoopposeher in itself). But still more importantly: how can anyone think she is has the brain capable of wielding presidential powers when she as a woman supports all those wicked policies that would help turn France into a muslim dominated country? Appeasing muslims hardly seems like a smart move for any woman (at least as long as she doesn’t have to fear that muslims murder her otherwise).

See for example this comparison of Mein Kampf and the Qu’ran (note all those many similarities):

“Mein Kampf-Mandates that men are superior to women and that women’s place should be limited to procreation, the kitchen and the home. The Q’uran-Mandates that men are superior to women and that women’s place should be limited to procreation, the kitchen and the home. (Admittedly, the Q’uran goes quite a bit farther than Mein Kampf on this topic)”

The fact that she as a woman wants to be a president indicates that she doesn’t want women to be subjugated (at least all of them), but her policies would pretty much ensure they will be, as she hardly opposes muslims (and other primitive minorities) as hard as she should.

Moreover, she also indicated her detachment from reality by reportedly guessing in that last TV debate that France’s nuclear plants produce less than 20% of the total electricity supply (while the real number is something like 78% and France is quite well known for that fact). I guess many women are like that, they don’t think that in a society that is totally dependent on electricity, it is important to have some clue about basic details like that, and that the president probably should have certain idea what’s keeping the country running, but no, women don’t usually care.

Again, I have to say that I think this is another indication that women really are at least a little bit inferior to men on average and one reason muslims have been gaining more power is that in that one respect their worldview is a little bit closer to reality than that of many contemporary westerners. After all, I don’t think they would have even those little successes if they didn’t have something right (at least comparatively speaking.. not absolutely right in any optimal way).

Though I definitely do not agree with muslims on restricting what women could do as much as the Qu’ran dictates, I do think women should not be given any more power than their capabilities would give them naturally and that in current western societies, men have given them on average too much power for their own and my good (read for example about the requirement to have women board members in Norway and weep). It’s about time to correct that mistake and strip women of their excess powers.

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EU vs Europeans

Yes, egalitarianism has been ruining Europe for too long (though I’d better note that article isn’t terribly original but still possibly worth reading). Sadly europeans aren’t fighting against EU in big numbers yet.

Can it be so hard to grasp that competing regulations and taxes(etc.) in different countries help in finding the best policies for human societies? Well, apparently yes it can be, and yes, eurocrats hate the possibility that europeans can vote with their feet in Europe as long as they haven’t harmonized everything within EU.

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How authorities fake the statistics

Now, this page shows how (notice the race indicated with W). No wonder multiculturalists in some countries can then cite statistics thatseemto indicate that racial groups don’t have particularly meaningful differences. No, there really aren’t any significant differences between races. No, the same selection that managed to turn the whole population of Europe white, could not possibly have also selected for other qualities like decencyandintelligence too.

And of course some other countries like France don’t (to the best of my knowledge) even make statistics based on ethnicandreligious groups. They just don’t want to know the truth whichreliable statistics could so easily reveal. They have the ideology of multiculturalism after all which shouldn’t be challenged with mere facts.

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Multiculturalist persecution in action

They don’t want the truth be known, instead they start harassing people who dare say aloud what they see happening when it contradicts multiculturalists’ deluded worldview. And they can use the police to do it for them which is a sad indication of how bad the situation is in many countries.

That’s happening in the country I left behind me because I didn’t particularly like what was happening there as the whole system was organized against people like me. No big surprise that something like this is happening now. I’ve actually met Mikko(the blogger now under persecution) afewtimes; I know he’s one of the few saner voices in Finland and I had also been wondering when they start harassing him because he exposes multiculturalist lies quite admirably (also hehabitually calls Finland’s only major newspaper Pravda because it uses tricks which were quite common in Soviet Union while reporting world events related to among other things crimes-done-by-muslims.. no doubt that has contributed to his unpopularity among the establishment).

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