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Justice is a joke in Germany

record:the release of Brigitte Mohnhaupt after she spent only less than three decades in prison(atruelifesentence!) after been more or less responsible for possibly dozens of murders.Thewomanhasexpressednoremorsebutapparently
thecourtseemsto thinkthatsincethey see no indication sheposesanyfurtherdangeritis perfectly alright
to release her.I’dsayyouneedverylittleadditional indicationofpossibledangerconsideringherrecordtojustify
keepinghersafelyaway from society. Again some crazy “humanist” types think that even after all she has done it would be so wrong to keep this terrorist in prison for the rest of her life. No matter that
her victims have been dead for decades and will be dead forever never having had the
chance to enjoy the rest of their possible lives unlike her now. I will never understand
how they can call that justice with a straight face.

The germans definitely do have a long record of supporting evil and
this case will just be onerelativelyminor addition to that (the major things were really MAJOR after all). At least the majority of germans still seems
to think it is wrong to release her, but if they don’t act and stop it they will again be responsible for more evil just like when they did not stand against Hitler.

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Think about my words, refugee

While I have no doubt life wouldn’t be too good for this refugee from Zimbabwe back home, I think his words are kind of revealing: “It’s humiliating and degrading to go to charity. It doesn’t seem fair – Britain doesn’t appear to be practising what it preaches. They speak of offering good hospitality and supporting democracy. But the system has been cruel to me.”

Umm, it’s humiliating and degrading to go to charity in Britain? I hate to say it, but if things are really that bad in Zimbabwe, I think a refugee should be able to handle some humiliation here if he wants handouts. Welfare benefits would be charity too you know although they of course would be expropriated fromthe public and notquite freely given (also, he had already received benefits for some time before they were cut off but apparantly he isn’t very thankful).DoeshenotseeanythingwrongindemandingmorefromBritain?
Shouldwebe slavesforalltherefugeesoftheworld or maybe just for him?

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The case for teacher-student sex

While browsing the Stormfront forums (don’t ask!), I found a link to this list ofdozensof female teachers who have been accused of having sexual relationships with students in the US. Very interesting stuff. One especially heroic teacher even tried escaping to Mexico with her young lover in order to marry him. Hardly a reason to prosecute in my opinion.Allthingsconsidered,Ithinkonlyafewof
those cases should be punishable. Sex can be a beautiful thing even between a teacher and a student
and should not be considered illegal in consensual cases. In fact, I’d think it might well make the lives of many
a depressed teenager worth living again. It’s the opposition of it that’s evil.

Also a quote from another source: In fact, says the study’s author, Charol Shakeshaft, professor of educational administration at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., the figures suggest “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

I’m a little bit skeptical of that but it does make sense it is a lot more common.
Also, I wouldn’t call it abuse in many cases. Overall, I do suspect the effects are positive
for both the students and the teachers.

And at least one enlightened professor who has lived what she’s preaching “…concludes sexual contact between them should not necessarily be criminal conduct – in fact, she says, they can be positive experiences“. I of course agree.

Although I never had sex with my teachers when I was growing up,
I have to admit I consideredit a few times with some of
my betterandmoresexy teachers.

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Worry more about things that really matter

Amid all this quite popular craze about climate change, I have so far remained unconvinced it isoneofthemostimportantissuesaffectingmy own and mankind’sfuture (see for example this blog entry for David Friedman’s similar thoughts on the subject).InsteadIactuallythinkthatdysgenicsisquitelikelyamore
importantthingtoconsider in the long run. Though of course worrying about it isn’t nearly as popular as worrying about climate change, but then again, that’s one main reason it is so important thing to worry about; see this review of Richard Lynn’s(alocalmanbtw.) book for some food for thought.

Onequote:”Professor Lynn’s major thesis in Dysgenics is that scientific evidence has proven the eugenicists were absolutely right in their concerns about genetic deterioration, and that we, as a society, have made a serious mistake by discounting them.”

Itendtoagree.WhenIread about the subject and observe theworldaroundme,itisreallyhardtothinkthatdysgenicsisn’tareal
phenomenon with real and worrying consequences.
slowlyitwon’treallymatter.Idon’tagree: itisn’t
happeningthatslowlyiffor example peoplewithinferiorgenotypes
withgoodgenotypes(also, the underclassusuallyhaskids
inferiorgenesevenfaster). Like I have mentioned before
somewhere, one crucial step to stop dysgenics would in my
opinion be abolishing redistributionist policies. Let the underclass
take care of its own children without the help of stolen(taxed)
subsidies and nature would make things better quite naturally.
Though in the short runexplicitly eugenic policies might be good
for fixing problems caused by dysgenics faster, I think it is
possible they are not absolutely crucial.

Then again, if you for example think that global warming is really
a serious problem, it would be good to consider some of its more
fundamental causes. Dysgenics and global warming mightvery
wastingresources (and polluting) as well as supporting bad
environmental policies – thushasteningglobalwarming.
which of course means they and their descendants cause more
pollution in the long run. So it’s actually quite
reasonable to think dysgenics is one fundamental cause of global warming.

Even more, one other thing that I worry about, mass immigration
to Europe from third world countries and
Europe’s islamization, is probably contributing both to dysgenics
and global warming. Again one way to make things
better would be to stop subsidising such immigration.

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Mugabe’s soul must be blacker than his skin

Heads up for this call for help from Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Tsvangirai.

One quote:
“I felt like my head had been smashed open or I had been partially decapitated. I passed out three times, I was later told by eyewitnesses. I lost a lot of blood and was later injected with two pints. After passing out the last time, I can’t remember many things. Later I found myself in a crowded, hot, filthy and cockroach-infested police cell. I was told I was at Borrowdale Police Station. The rest is now history.”

Also note the following quote: “It is common knowledge that when Mugabe stole the 2002 presidential elections in broad daylight and was later condemned by all and sundry for that electoral theft, my supporters were more than ready to confront him in the streets and topple his regime. I restrained them because I don’t believe in violence but peaceful protest.”

That might have been a mistakehe hasnow paid with blood and suffering. When Mugabe’s supporters are doing those kinds of things,andallthosethingstheyhavebeendoingoveryears, the time for non-violent protest might have longago passed. You have to defend yourself. You have to fight against Mugabeandhissupporterswithallyouhave.Youhavetokill

Though I don’t support public help provided by foreign governments, I’d definitely donate for example a gun or two for the opposition if only I had more resources myself. I can only hope some others who are in better position to help will support them.

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I don’t understand the rules either, Stallone

Looks like Stallone got caught havingbanned human growth hormone in his luggage while traveling to Australia:

Stallone shrugged off the airport incident, saying: “It was just a minor misunderstanding. They were just doing their jobs. I just didn’t understand some of the rules here.”

therighttousesomethinglikeitwhenitobviouslyhassomebenefits andharmsnootherpersonbuttheuser
(ifevenhim)?Idon’tknowmuchbutIthinkit’s quitelikelyatleastnotmuchmoredangerousthancigarettes.
Little reason to keep it banned.

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People are crazy

I guess I need my daily dosage of evidence that the market is supplying as much stupidity as can be sold and thatapparently means a lot of stupidity in Arizona. The guy got 200 years in prison for having some pics on his computer. Though I hardly know how bad the images were, the proper punishment for having those pics should in my opinion obviously be a mere fraction of what the photographer would receive. Also, I hardly think minors could not give their informed consent for sexually explicit pictures.Ijustcan’tbelieve,andIhavenoreasontobelieve,
be absolutely no harm done unless of course some other crazy people then make a problem out of nothing because of some puritan beliefs. But then it should be their problem only.

On the other hand, I thank goodness for the “Invasion of the Prostitots”. Whenever I see a sexy and scantily clad ‘tween girl I know mankind still has some hope even amid all this craziness. The next generation might still save us.

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Letting kids murder and walk free soon afterwards

Before the little bit more serious stuff, let me note I heard at one of London’s Airports: “…takes pictures of the pretty girl”.Well,Inotedsomeasianguydoingthesamekindofthing – some guys just don’t feel any shame at all –
soatleastsome Europeanshave some things in common with them. And the pretty girl was really cute and *very* slim(atruewonderofnature!) and was probablya Swede since she was also blond and flying to Stockholm.

Anyway, maybemoreimportantly
here’smoresupportforthehypothesis thatit’sstupidwedon’t
punish young offenders more seriously

“The drug mafia takes advantage of the fact that minors cannot be given adult prison sentences. Comando Vermelho prefers to use children and adolescents to commit its robberies and murders, because they have so few inhibitions. Ricardo M. describes how he sawed off the arms and legs of prisoners while they were still alive. “We had a special table that we used to torture traitors.” If they are apprehended, the underage gang members spend only a few months in prison and usually return to their gangs shortly after being released.”

Now that does sound like the best possible thing to do, to let them go so easily, eh?IcouldalsonotethatthemovieCidadedeDeuswhichIenjoyed
someyearsago might make your imagination more vivid concerning the situation in Brazil.

Of course the situation isn’t quite as bad in many countries which have similar laws but still most truly criminally inclined kids everywhere are more than happy to exploit the foolish laws by doing the most wicked things before they would receive harsher punishments if caught.

Also, although I don’t support keeping drugs illegal and don’t necessarily think they are always bad, as a consequentialist, Idon’tthinkI should ever(oratleastinmostsituations) buy them since my money could so easily then fuel similar things that are described in thatSpiegelMagazine’s article.

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