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I might have loved Ayn

Yeah, when I got myself thinking about love, I have to say Rand was a pretty cool person for a woman. And a capitalist too. Quite possibly a decent candidate for true love. It’s just a pity she’s dead. Hmm.. maybe someone like Carly Fiorina would also meet my ideals. I guess I do have to keep my eyes open in case a younger version of Carly passes me by.
On the other hand, while I was watching my favorite concert video, Sarah Brightman live in Las Vegas on her Harem tour in 2004 and all those cute harem dancers who accompanied her (a kind of a show that makes you truly celebrate capitalism!), I got myself thinking about polyamory as well. I of course do think it (and polygamy too) should be legal based on my libertarian principles and I do find it attractive. I also do consider it possible that polygamy could in good conditions be good for the gene pool since less worthy men who have little genetic virtue would be less likely to have children at all if it were a legal alternative. Thus, in the long run it would make the world a better place. But of course in practice the situation is very complicated and it’s not easy to say whether the consequences would be good or bad. And a as Judge Posner noted, the fact that it is currently practiced only in backward countries, might be evidence against that it has good consequences for societies that allow it. Still, I’d say a lot more evidence is needed to decide the matter. Even if it would not be good in current societies it might be good in culturally more advanced ones.

Umm, I guess if things end up progressing really well in my life, I might try it myself someday. After all even Dagny in Atlas Shrugged was totally into kinda loving more than one uber-industrialist at a time, so I guess its merits are worth considering very carefully indeed.

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Good love, bad love

Though I can’t say I’ve ever truly been in love, and being what I am, I may never truly be in love with someone else who also loves me, but here’s an article “What is love” by Michael F. Dickey I can mostly agree with on what love should be if I ever experienced it. It shouldn’t be unconditional love, it should be so very conditional. My lover should represent and espouse values I hold dear and fight with me to make the world better against all those people and ideas that work against my values.

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Know your enemy

Last week, some crazy but sexy Jehova’s witnesses, brought me what they called an important message. Today, I bring you, my dear readers, my own important message (although delivered with the help of Jason Pappas). Good people, like me, are facing A Savage Enemy. I should never forget that. Some evil people deserve nothing but my contempt. You should not forget it either whether some clueless people say otherwise or not.

I’ve seen so many people who are almost blind to evil. They only finally see it when it directly hurts themselves, and then it’s so often too little clarity too late. Like when Nazi’s took over Germany or Marxists gained power in Russia. The fight continues now just like it has continued before. It is up to us to keep winning it as often as possible.

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Women, bloody women

I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Russia is lead by a man who admits, although of course “jokingly”, he envies Israel’s president, who might have raped quite a few women who served him. After all, it used to be an evil empire. And after the evil seeds have spread there for so long, it won’t just suddenly change into what some would call a civilized country where women are treated with respect.

Still, to be honest, it’s hard for me to say that women should be equal in all respects. For example, I do actually hypothesize that one major flaw in today’s western societies is that women’s votes do count as much as men’s votes. Why? Well, because I think it’s quite possible that women are indeed on average less smart than men and thus they tend to make worse voting choices than men. Thus our societies could be doing better if women’s votes would be discounted a bit. Though, I have to admit I ain’t a big fan of democracy either. I’m more like a market anarchist. And in free market women’s “votes” (purchasing power) do actually have less weight since they on average earn less than men. I think that’s quite likely true.

Anyway, I think I’ll continue on this topic later…

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The future ascent of man

Now here’s a very conservative estimate on the possibility of human subspeciation. Why, oh why, doesn’t Dr. Curry seem to consider the possibility that with the help of genetic engineering, the rich, smart and beautiful people could so easily evolve into a new subspecies so very much faster? I’d say it’s kinda conservative to think it will take more than a few hundred years (unless of course muslims take over the planet and repress science or some such calamity happens). After all, a relatively small addition to the genomes of their children could make it impossible for them to breed normally with primitive humans.

Anyway, I’m not against that kind of progress. I want humanity to continue to evolve. And even if I wouldn’t like that I’d say other people have the right to evolve without my consent. And if some people don’t have the means to be part of that kind progress (for example since they have wasted their incomes on all kinds of frivolities) then I say they quite likely should be left behind.
Also, it’s kinda hard to deny that the creme of humanity doesn’t in practice breed with the underclass even today. There’s just no way that someone like Paris Hilton will have children with the likes of me. Though I guess the situation is a bit asymmetric since alpha males might very well breed with poor girls if they only happen to be sexy enough. In that respect the future might indeed be different after real speciation has happened.

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Psychogenesis Resurrected!

Yeah, I had a blog with the same name before, but it went down with my old ISP provider. Long live the new Psychogenesis! May you never die again.

This time I’m back with a vengeance. Socialists and egalitarians all over the world should beware. They have pissed me off big time while I’ve been without my own blog. Expect more talk on genetic virtue and how the market should dictate who lives and who doesn’t here later without such interventions that are common these days. Among every other topic that might strike my fancy of course.

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