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Stitching a few things together…

The saner you are, the more surreal the world around you appears. I barely have to mention stuff like Obama getting the Nobel peace prize after extending military commitments and proving himself a liar, or the talk that the global recession is over and the recovery is an almost certainty now after the governments have misallocated countless billions of dollars that were taken from the productive and the frugal and given to those the banksters favor to make a decent case for this. But there’s certainly so much more as I have learned during the past two years.

Not only did the holocaust that supposedly is one of the defining failures of the Western civilization prove to be a made-up event to turn public attention away from other atrocities committed by its enemies within our countries and so forth, but neither did man ever walk on moon no matter how much faked coverage they showed on TV or how many respectable scientists and engineers still tell you otherwise. And at some point I finally understood that the masters of deception have only grown more audacious during the decades as the common man has proven himself to be ever as gullible when surrounded by carefully planned deceptions. As a proof of sorts for this, I can link to a video, September Clues, which I just watched and which contains plenty of material and speculation clearly implying the media coverage on 9/11/2001 was heavily pre-scripted and computer generated (just like I suspect the current “economic recovery” is based on similar fabrications and short-term solutions which are almost guaranteed to fail relatively soon). And now years after the event still many people even with Mensa-level IQs seem to honestly believe that some Arabs were responsible for the “attacks” and trust “the experts” when they tell that the fires and minor structural damage brought down and pulverized the steel-framed towers at near free-fall speed. But I guess that’s a minor matter compared to the probable fact that after two thousand years Christians almost blindly follow a book that was actually crafted as a (rather obscure) piece of satire and the psychopaths who take advantage of their continuing deceivability or even when compared to the utter fraud that is perpetrated by financial circles behind fractional reserve banking.

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