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I received a message from a colleague this morning that indicated this blog is in breach of THINKER TO THINKER policy.

Further posting on this blog has been suspended pending my investigation.

If I confirm this blog is in breach it will be permanently suspended.




After investigating the content of this blog, I have concluded that, unfortunately, it is clearly in breach of THINKER TO THINKER policy.

This blog is now permanently suspended.

Note: I have no plans to delete it.




kuromaku’s new blog is at: kuromaku.kvepp.com


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Rocking the White Conscience

So far along my intellectual journey I have had the pleasure of going through the material left by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. Among them I count such luminaries as Revilo Oliver, William Pierce and John Tyndall as they were the sort of people whose minds could pierce through the lies that permeate our societies and who did not shy away from speaking the truth as they saw it and acting out in the real world in order to change it. However, it seems I have so far missed out big time because I haven’t read much of what George Lincoln Rockwell had put into writing.

Anyway, Counter Currents has some very illuminating excerpts from Rockwell’s autobiography This Time The World plus also several very good comments from its readers. It’s of course best to read it all (and probably the book too) to maybe gain some additional insight into the current situation and the reasons why even these great men failed to change the course of history with the human material they had to work with, but here’s something that will hopefully entice the reader:

… [in the mid-1950s], I had had plenty of opportunity to look over the activity of the ‘right-wing’ — the conservatives — and had come to the conclusion, in my total ignorance of the real nature of the case, that all they needed to succeed was an organizational drive to get them ‘together’, with a businesslike plan. I had found that there were dozens and maybe hundreds of very rich men, like H. L. Hunt of Texas and Robert Welch of Boston, who felt much as I did and who, together, could pool enough money and resources to swamp the Marxist-Zionist Jews and left-wingers. There seemed to be plenty of talent and ability, and an actual majority of our people over on my side of politics, so that common sense seemed to force the conclusion that it was only a lack of determined effort to put this together which permitted the left-wing minority, sparked by the sub-minority of Jews, to keep winning victory after victory and thereby send America down the path to Marxist socialism and racial disintegration.

But I reckoned without any knowledge of the human content of the ‘right-wing’. From the millionaires to the scared little people who attend the endless, pitiful ‘conservative’, ’100% American’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘constitutional’, ‘states’ rights’ meetings, I learned by bitter experience that the human material of the right-wing consists 90% of cowards, dopes, nuts, one-track minds, blabbermouths, boobs, incurable tightwads and — worst of all — hobbyists, people who have come to enjoy a perverted, masochistic pleasure in telling each other forever how we are all being raped by the “shhh — you know whos,” but who, under no condition, would risk their two cars, landscaped homes, or juicy jobs to DO something about it.

Rockwell certainly understood that the middle class values (and cowardice) are part of the problem…

In part 2 of that series on Counter Currents he also mentions one formerly unknown figure to me who influenced him greatly: DeWest Hooker.

…Hooker was a Nazi! He was not a ‘patriot” or a ‘right-winger’ or a ‘conservative’, but a fighting, tough, all-out-Nazi. He had gone into the streets of New York City and rounded up gangs of tough kids and potential juvenile delinquents, and converted them to fanatical loyalty to the United States, the White Race and Adolf Hitler. He called this gang of little hoods the Nationalist Youth League, and I was deeply impressed when I saw what leadership and guts will do to make decent, dedicated Americans out of little lost baby gangsters. Hooker had those kids worshiping him! He was an obvious aristocrat from a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, who wore a Homburg and a Chesterfield with supreme dignity, and he led those little New York gutter kids out of despondency to form picket lines against Jewish Communism, right in its filthy stronghold: New York City!

My first meeting with Hooker was on a Thanksgiving Day, when he was due at a family dinner, but we got so totally absorbed in our discussion that he kept his wife waiting hours, until she was very angry at him. As we talked, he told me one amazing thing after the other.

Wes explained the Jews to me more clearly than I had ever figured out before. He described, with dramatic gestures, how they operate like a snake with different skins, which they crawl out of or into as the strategic need may arise. When Jewish Communism begins to get too ‘hot’, as it has here in the U.S., because of the millions who saw the parade of Jew Communist spies, they slide out of that skin and become Zionists. And when this also gets too hot, then they molt and become ‘anti-communists’ or something else. In the excitement, nobody ever seems to notice that it is always the same snake.

Even more enlightening, he gave me a sparkling clear picture of the mess I had come to know on my own as the ‘movement’ — the cowards, the loud-mouths, the hobbyists, the ADL agents, the ‘prostitutes’ who make money out of it — the whole depressing lot of them.

Lots of stuff for the mind to chew on. Anyway, it’s also best to keep in mind that Rockwell was basically so good “they” had to murder him. As one commenter on Counter Currents noted, assassinations do work.

Good people have to learn the art of killing as well. The situation where only bad guys kill good guys is clearly becoming unbearable.

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Looking forward

I’m still waiting for the Japanese women, who are eager to breed a new hybrid Master Race, to make contact with me and line up in front of my doorstep. Maybe they haven’t just yet realized how grave the situation is for the Japanese DNA structure. But surely the smarter ones will soon see through the blatant propaganda such as the claims that the nuclear reactions were automatically shut down in the aftermath of the initial quake while it’s almost blatantly obvious there would be no need for continuous cooling efforts of the cores if that would be the case. Heat doesn’t just build up around the reactor core if there is no more nuclear activity no matter how many fools tell you otherwise. Surely, only the drastic measure of mixing the Aryans of East (women) and West (well, at least me) will be enough to lead mankind forward now.

Anyway, in the meantime I might note that things are again getting interesting due to the Edgar Steele case in the US. After numerous delays the trial will apparently start on April 26. The defence team claims to have obtained testimonies from several audio experts that indicate the audio evidence against Mr. Steele has been fabricated by the Federal Government (or some other criminal organization). If the court will find that to be the case the implications could of course be enormous keeping in mind many other recordings of that kind which have been used to sway public opinion in recent years (like the Bin Laden tapes, the “impossible” 9/11 phone calls and the cockpit recording of the pilots of the plane whose crash killed over 90 Polish government figures last year).

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Thinking positively: Japan’s nuclear meltdown may have a silver lining

Aside from the fact that the heightened earthquake activity in Asia may provide further evidence to the theories that imply the mainstream scientists who dismiss the heavenly influences on the tectonic plates (such as the electromagnetic and gravitational forces which vary due to the changing distance to the moon and solar flare activity) are wrong (see for example this thread started exactly one year before the 9.0 magnitude quake), there may be other possible benefits for the human race and me personally.

You see, for many years I have thought that if I ever were to engage myself in the act of miscegenation, I would do it with one Aryan of the East. Namely, I would do it with a Japanese woman. However, classy Japanese women can be hard to find and even harder for me to seduce. However, in this situation young women in Japan surely must be becoming concerned that their males may be damaged by those wicked radioactive particles which are spreading all over Japan. Therefore, it only makes sense that a prudent Japanese woman will have to consider looking for an undamaged set of male genes from abroad. And that’s of course the part where I enter the picture if I play my cards right as surely my market value has to be rising super fast at this very moment.

I guess I only need a geiger counter to ensure I won’t receive damaged goods myself when the Japanese woman comes my way.

Watashi wa nihongo no gakusei desu. Watashi wa nihon no onna no hito ga suki desu.

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The wonders of modern banking

Money out of nothing, guaranteed by the Irish taxpayers, as the recent (Feb 28) information release of the Central Bank of Ireland titled Money and Banking Statistics: January 2011 reveals on page 10:

Uncovered “own use” bank bonds – In recent weeks, a number of credit institutions have issued bonds which they retain for their own use. The ECB has authorised the use of these bonds in substitution for collateral that is no longer eligible in normal Eurosystem operations; this reduces the need for reliance on exceptional liquidity assistance (ELA). Just as with ELA, credit risk to the Central Bank in respect of repo operations on these bonds is effectively mitigated by Government guarantee inasmuch as these bonds have been issued under the ELG scheme. In Money and Banking Statistics, these debt securities appear as both assets and liabilities of the credit institutions concerned. For example, Debt Securities Issued: Irish Residents on the liabilities side of Table A.4 and A.4.1 (series 36) and Holdings of Securities Issued by Irish Residents: Monetary Financial Institutions on the assets side (series 21), will both reflect movements in these Government guaranteed bond issuances.

It would be a proper time to hold Europe-wide mass executions of all those bankers who are responsible for this system or who have worked to ensure its continuing survival. There should be no mercy and their assets should be returned to the native peoples of Europe from whom the parasitic deceivers in the financial industry have stolen countless billions.

Update: It occurred to me that maybe I should point out that the only reason it makes sense for a bank to issue debt securities to itself is that this procedure under fractional reserve rules apparently indeed allows the bank to create money out of thin air and that under ordinary circumstances this only occurs when the bank issues loans to others (they still create money out of nothing even then).

It should be bloody obvious to anyone that stuff like this can’t be fair and shouldn’t be the way banking works.

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Looking back: the monetary trails of insider trading

Here’s a new article on the old but still relevant matter of worldwide insider trading before the Twin Towers (+ building 7) miraculously collapsed into their own footprints and partially pulverized in the mid air, Black 9/11: A Walk on the Dark Side:

This paper will review the evidence for informed, or insider, trading in the days and hours before the 9/11 attacks. From the very first, the phenomenon appeared to be world-wide. One consultant, Jonathan Winer, told ABC: “it’s absolutely unprecedented to see cases of insider trading covering the entire world from Japan to the US to North America to Europe.”[1] The list of affected nations was long, and included the US, Germany, Japan, France Luxembourg, Hong Kong, the UK, Switzerland and Spain.[2] Soon, independent investigations were underway on three continents in the belief that the paper trail would lead to the terrorists.

Press statements by leading figures in the international banking community left little doubt that the evidence was compelling. Ernst Welteke, President of the German Deutsche Bundesbank, told reporters that “a preliminary review by German regulators and bank researchers showed there were highly suspicious sales of shares in airlines and insurance companies, along with major trades in gold and oil markets, before September 11 that suggest….advance knowledge of the attacks. Welteke said that his researchers came across….almost irrefutable proof of insider trading.” Welteke was blunt: “What we found makes us sure that people connected to the terrorists must have been trying to profit from this tragedy.”

When the evidentiary trail led back to Wall Street, the SEC moved quickly to control the evidence and muzzle potential witnesses.

No surprises there unless you believe in the goodness of our rulers.

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Can you call it thinking?

I was reading this article on Arstechnica, which popularizes some neuroscience research that suggests that such psychopaths who have trouble avoiding legal trouble have smaller frontal cortices than others, when I stumbled upon the following passage:

…biologically deterministic arguments are increasingly being made in court. The most famous, as featured in the New York Times, was the case of Herbert Weinstein. Weinstein strangled his wife and then threw her out of a window in order to make her death look like a suicide. He also had a large cyst in his brain, which the defense team obviously wanted to use as mitigating evidence. The Judge ruled that the brain scans could be shown to the jury, but that they could not be told that cysts like Weinstein’s were associated with violence.

Despite this, the prosecution was so afraid of the result that they plea-bargained the case down to manslaughter.

Another fine example of how a judaized justice system works. A jew (well, I’m not sure if Weinstein is technically a jew but almost surely he is of jewish descent) gets away with murder just because he supposedly has some brain damage. Whether or not that is true, someone like Weinstein certainly is a danger to the society and should not be allowed to walk freely after just a few years in prison with zero guarantees he won’t murder again.

Anyway, even with all the technical progress that could potentially help us prevent the rise of psychopaths in our hierarchies, it certainly looks like legal thinking is going backwards to ensure no actual progress will be made. Instead of using technology to keep the threats out of positions of power, we make sure they get lower sentences after they murder us thanks to the use of that technology. Ain’t that just how things should be?

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World Revolutionary Movement on the roll again?

I glanced the news today to discover Libya is literally falling apart. Two fighter pilots have apparently fled to Malta taking their jet fighters with them instead of carrying out their duty to the Libyan government and attacking the people who are rising against it. Scores of people have certainly died already anyway as others have been less opposed to bloodshed.

Mainstream commentators seem to think this is another case of Muslims taking charge of their own destiny but I remain worried that behind these revolutions lies a more sinister force than your ordinary Muslims, namely The Synagogue of Satan and its clandestine World Revolutionary Movement, whose previous actions have been outlined in books like The Pawns in the Game by Commander Carr.

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Human progress: the only way is through the jews

I think I mentioned it sometime that years ago I read a book titled “Nonzero”. Its Wikipedia entry starts with the following:

Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny is a book by Robert Wright originally published in 2000. It argues that biological evolution and cultural evolution are shaped and directed first and foremost by “non-zero-sumness,” that is, the prospect of creating new interactions that are not zero-sum.

At the time of reading it, I was not yet jew-aware, so I did not grok back then that the one major reason the intelligent non-jews have disliked, even hated, the jews, from the very dawn of civilization, from the time of the Roman Empire and even before it, is that the jews, collectively, play a zero-sum, or even a negative-sum game for global domination using deceit and treachery. Like the Protocols said, the jews have an interest in the diminution of the goyim and like the it’s written in the Talmud they have a desire to kill the very best of gentiles to keep their competitors down.

When the jews win, almost everybody else loses. While intelligent whites tend to produce innovations that benefit the whole of humanity, jewish intellectuals seem to produce innovations that only help in misleading or enslaving the masses (though of course through propaganda the less intelligent gentiles tend to believe the hype about the benefits of jewish inventions).

The jews who invented and sold to the whole world the current money system that at its core allows the jewish bankers and their obedient lackeys to create money out of nothing at our expense were no doubt very clever but I’m pretty sure that as an invention a fraudulent money system is at best a zero-sum invention and in practice rather clearly a negative sum system.

The jews stand between us and real progress of ever better positive-sum interaction between the members of humanity.

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Are you ready for a ramble?

A Jew-Savvy Racialist’s Midwinter Ramble

by Val Koinen
February 9, 2011

I have to admit – I never saw it coming. Oh, I have long been racially aware, having been exposed to Negroes and their characteristics and behavior starting at age 11. So I have been something of a race realist ever since I was a boy. And I have long known we had a serious and seriously threatening race problem in America, and that we were not doing the right things to manage that problem and to correct earlier mistakes. That in fact we were making things worse, year after year.

But for most of my adult life, even well past middle-age, I didn’t really, completely appreciate the Jewish problem and the nature of Jews and Jewish perfidy (involving the “complicit and culpable” Jews as I frequently refer to them). And I sure as hell never thought that in one man’s lifetime – my own lifetime –I would witness the downfall and impending destruction of Western Civilization. In my wildest nightmares, I never would have imagined I would bear witness to the near-total dispossession of my people, and especially, of White men. I would never have believed I would live to see us so far along the way to being genocided out of existence, even in our traditional White homelands and particularly in America.

I’m afraid that very few of our people – and even a surprisingly small portion of racially aware and Jew-wise people (so-called “White Nationalist” types) – are fully aware of just how dire our situation is. Very few are aware that we Whites are under full assault – under siege – in a one-sided anti-White state of war, and that we are on the verge of becoming completely dispossessed and defeated. And that our virtual extinction will soon follow.

The rest of this long but fine ramble can be found on this page.

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